Busted: Church prays for newly elected gov’t leaders, not for drug lords’ protection

When Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle issued an ‘oratio imperata” or special prayer on June 19, one of the prayers was for the country’s leaders to oppose the ‘culture of death.’

The Oratio Imperata for Government Officials says, “Bless our leaders with true reverence for human life and unyielding opposition to the culture of death.”

This is the entirety of the Oratio Imperata for Government Officials.

Oratio Imperata

The Catholic churches in Manila will recite the prayer from June 21 to 29.

However, the special prayer was twisted into something that it was not intended for.


An article has been posted and shared on Facebook with a title, “Church issues oratio imperata (special prayer) to protect drug lords from death.”

On June 18 2016, ABS-CBN News released a story about Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle issuing an “oratio imperata” or special prayer for the country’s leaders to reject the “culture of death” ahead of a leadership change at the end of the month. Although the Archbishop didn’t mention a name, there is only one leader who is waging a bloody war against crime.

Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle actions raises two questions.
The first is, who is spreading the culture of death? The drug lords or the drug lord hunters?
The second question is, if the “oratio imperata” really works; why doesn’t it rid us of the drug lords and corrupt officials? Why doesn’t the “oratio imperata” rid us of poverty?

Finally, our nation’s prayer to end corruption, crime, and the scourge of drugs has been answered but the church just like the pharisees in the bible didn’t welcome the change.

For once, drug lords are perishing but the church seem to want them back. The fact the church issued an “oratio imperata” or special prayer for the country’s leaders to reject the killing of drug lords means they want the drug lords back and the reason I say that is because killing the drug lords is the only thing that has worked against the “culture of death” brought about by drugs.

Having said that, is it fair to say that the church is pro-drug lord?

Oratio Imperata

The title of that post is totally MISLEADING!

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