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Busted: Duterte DID NOT top any reliable survey as world’s most popular president

Supporters of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte are celebrating online over an article circulating on Facebook claiming that Duterte is ranked as the ‘most popular president in the world in 2016.’

Duterte Popular President

His supporters heaped praises on the incoming president, saying how proud they are of him, how we can possibly be a great nation again, how thankful they are to Duterte for making the Philippines famous worldwide, and similar congratulatory messages.


But if you proceed by clicking on the article, possibly curious about what survey could have placed Duterte on top, beating the other world leaders, you’d be totally DISAPPOINTED.

The article was simply big on claiming Duterte as the most famous president in the world, but has presented nothing to support that claim.

Well, whoever wrote the article did try to qualify their claim with a video clip that stretches 11 minutes and 15 seconds long.


Again, you might think they’d finally give you a news clip announcing Duterte as the #1 popular leader in the world, but if you’re expecting a news report about a reliable survey this time, be prepared for another round of disappointment.

The clip was merely that of spliced videos of reports by foreign news programs about Duterte, but these clips were mostly about how Duterte can be compared to the controversial US presidential candidate Donald Trump, Duterte’s shocking declarations of killing criminals, and his bluntness throughout the campaign trail. The rest of the videos were of foreigners saying, endorsing Duterte and of a group of OFWs chanting Duterte’s name and what they wished the next president would do once he is in office.


But if you want to find out about who might be deserving of the title as the most popular president in the world, these articles from India news site NDTV and India Times show the world’s most popular leaders based on a recent international survey conducted by WIN/Gallup for ORB International’s ‘International World Leader Index.’ The poll covered 65 countries to assess the favorability of the leaders.

The survey showed that the top 10 most popular leaders in the world are:

  1. US President Barack Obama
  2. German Chaceller Angela Merkel
  3. British Prime Minister David Cameron
  4. French President Francois Hollande
  5. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
  6. Chinese President Xi Jinping
  7. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  8. Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff
  9. Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud
  10. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

You can’t find Duterte’s name on the list and these leaders have been serving for years, while Duterte was only recently elected. He still has to serve as president before any survey can be conducted to assess how favorable, or unfavorable, he is as a leader.

News programs abroad may have reported, not necessarily for all the right reasons, and some foreigners may have heard of Duterte, but it might be too much to claim that Duterte is the most popular president in the world. He still has to assume office this June 30 and has yet to prove what he might do as the next president of the Philippines.


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