Story of young anti-Marcos protester getting free taxi ride from a relative of Martial Law victims goes viral

After the entire country was taken by surprise by the sudden burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on November 18, mass action and rallies had been organized in order to speak out and strongly oppose this “surprise” burial.

Not only were rallies organized, an ongoing “debate” of pro- and anti-Marcos has commenced on various social networking sites.


As people who strongly oppose the burial at the LNMB express their disbelief of the sudden burial and call out to people to join mass actions, the pro-Marcoses similarly speak out on Facebook about their disapproval of these mass actions.

Scrolling through your Facebook News Feed now is like reading about a never-ending debate. Disappointingly so, a great chunk of these supporters slam protesters because of their young age. Saying that youth activists shouldn’t be speaking out since they were not born yet when Martial Law happened.

With this status quo, it seemed hard to find people who are non-affiliated to any activist groups who would agree with what the anti-Marcoses are pushing for.

It seemed to be a battle between activists and the non-affiliated, instead of being a battle between the Filipino people and the antagonists who try to change our history and push our country several steps back instead of moving forward.


This is what made this post by Facebook user Patis Arenas viral. What seemed to be just an ordinary taxi trip to the People Power Monument to join the rally became an unforgettable encounter with a person who had a firsthand experience of the atrocities during the Martial Law.


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