Think Martial Law is good? You might think that way because of your privileged position – netizen

What do you think of martial law?

Netizens have both positive and negative reactions to President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao after the conflict between government troops and the Maute group erupted in Marawi City.
Some feared the declaration.

Others expressed their trust in Duterte.

And there are those who said that martial law is good.

Even President Duterte himself said that martial law is indeed good, after saying that his Martial Law will be similar to that of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.’

However, Facebook user Boggs Talpis Tanggol said that those who only speak positively of martial law may only be speaking in that way because of their “privileged position.”
He cautioned everyone about speaking “for the entirely of Mindanao,” assuming that such opinion “ring true for all.” He added that we should all “consider the plight of others.”

Tanggol, who identified himself as a Mindanaoan, Muslim, Moro, and Lumad, said that he was born with privileges so his view on things may be different from the view of other people who are worse off than he is.

He addressed concerns about IDs from the perspective of residents living in far-flung areas who don’t have IDs, or even a birth certificate.

He talked about how some people say they don’t have to worry about martial law because they are law-abiding citizens when others who belong to a certain ethnicity, religion or location that may easily be discriminated against.

Checkpoints? Tanggol reminded everyone about those who “do not have the benefit of an education” and who might not be able to know and defend their rights or have access to people who can help them do so.

And of course, he talked about how martial law history was riddled with abuses and excesses from the military, putting the vulnerable ones at risk.

Those who don’t imagine themselves in the groups of people he mentioned above are those whom he described as people who are “not as deeply grounded on realities.”

“Just because you’re not vulnerable does not mean you should not worry about those who are most vulnerable. And no, being a Mindanaoan does not qualify you as one of the most vulnerable. (Otherwise, how would you be able to take selfies with the soldiers or tanks),” Tanggol said.

He noted that more than wishing for the government to succeed, we should also keep it in check.

“When excesses are not only possible but also probable, it’s best to be vigilant and err on the side of caution,” Tanggol said.

“So before you speak, please, check your privilege,” he added.

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