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Superficial Gazette slams Duterte trolls’ ‘double standards’

Satirical page Superficial Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines hit Duterte trolls for their double standards with some informative graphics.


Superficial Gazette noted how Dutertrolls criticized former President Benigno Aquino III for frequently blaming former President Gloria Arroyo. However, they themselves kept on blaming Aquino and his party, the Liberal Party, for the Philippines’ woes. The page noted how it was the Marcoses who left the country with a massive debt and how LP only served as the ruling party for 6 years after EDSA.

The page said that while the Dutertrolls blamed Aquino for the Manila Hostage Crisis and the SAF 44 tragedy because of command responsibility as the commander-in-chief, they don’t want to hold Duterte accountable for issues such as Tokhang for Ransom and the over 7,000 deaths related to the war on drugs.

Superficial Gazette pointed out the Dutertrolls’ double standards in their attitude towards addiction, how they support the killing of drug addicts, but ignore President Duterte’s outright admission that he was “abusing Fentanyl.”

And there’s the issue Dutertrolls have with anonymous pages criticizing Duterte, while ignoring the fact that the president also has visible critic personalities, such as Jim Paredes, Carlos Celdran, Jesus Falcis, and more, all the while supporting “copy-paste” pages supporting Duterte on Facebook.

Dutertrolls tend to readily believe fake news while slamming the media and academic sources. But when they are on the receiving end of hoaxes, they are quick to ask for proof. One good example would be the photo of what is allegedly a check from former Senator Bongbong Marcos that was given to avid Duterte supporter and MTRCB board member Mocha Uson.

Superficial Gazette promised to upload more of the Dutertrolls’ Double Standards to the album below.

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