Senator’s alleged sex video is fake, according to viewers

A video sent by a Filipino-American woman based in the United States showed a couple engaging in the intimate act came with a question: “Is Senator Leila de Lima the female in the video?”

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre threatened to show an alleged sex video of the senator at the next hearing in the House inquiry into the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison. De Lima was accused of collecting money from the drug lords for their trade’s protection.

The video was sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer who showed it to several people to ask their comments and opinions.

It was said to be one minute and 54 seconds long, with a woman slightly resembling de Lima and wearing eyeglasses while having intercourse with a man who almost looks like he is African-American, noted the Inquirer.

However, the face of the woman was blurred in the video, making it harder to pinpoint what she really looks like.

A businessman who was shown the video said the woman’s face was blurred but her build is similar to that of the senator. He said that he also saw still photos of the said woman online, but that the woman is younger than Senator de Lima, adding that “only those with poor eyesight or dirty minds will say this is Leila.” He deemed the video as fake.


A musician also echoed that opinion, noting that whoever edited the video “put a watermark of its supposed original site.”

A photographer explained that many adult sites “feature people who look like other people.”

The woman in the video is “undistinguishable,” despite her wearing glasses to look like the senator, assessed a businesswoman.

“It’s a big hoax… Hocus-pocus involved,” said a theater lightning engineer.

A club DJ observed that since the woman kept looking at the camera, the whole video seemed “staged.”

A musician said the alleged sex video is “the worst kind of fakery.”

The video and the accusation that it is de Lima in it is “mudslinging at its lowest,” said a housewife.

The Inquirer noted that the video title said “Senator Leila de Lima Scandal Pak Ganern,” and its source is right at the center.

When the Inquirer checked the source, it turned out to be a porn site.

Memebuster also busted the photos taken off the alleged de Lima scandal. The woman in the video is also wearing glasses, but she is definitely not the senator. The photos are fake!

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