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Busted: Russian ships left Duterte with 32,000 firearms including 8,765 Kalashnikov rifles? Not true at all!

Russian warships docked in Manila on October 20 to deliver weapons, ammunition and army trucks. However, some of the figures involving the Russians’ visit to the Philippines have been twisted to mislead people. In fact, Meme Buster corrected a wrong headline about the story a few days ago as it claimed that the Russians gave the Philippines 20,000 army trucks instead of 20.
Now, another story has circulated on Facebook about how the Russian warships left the country with 32,000 assorted firearms, including 8,765 Kalashnikov rifles.

A netizen shared the story, which came from the noted fake news site, to the Facebook group “President Rody Duterte Facebook Army.” As of writing, the post has been shared 346 times and reacted to close to 1,000 times.


We checked the story and discovered it to be categorized under “Humor & Satire,” which meant that the story should not be taken seriously and not all of its claims are true.

The article even included a tweet from ABS-CBN reporter Michael Delizo on October 21, 2017 about how the Russians donated military weaponry to the Philippines, which meant that okd2 was referring to the recent visit of the Russian warships.

While the story’s headline claimed that the Russians donated 32,000 firearms, including 8,765 AK-47, the 32,000 figure was no longer mentioned in the body of the story.

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The real figures in Russia’s recent donation to the Philippines were actually 20 Ural 4320 military trucks, 5,000 high-powered rifles, and one million bullets.
According to Manila Bulletin, the Russian warships that arrived in the Philippines on October 20 were the salvage tug “Foty Krylov” and the Russian Alligator-class Landing Ship 081 “Nikolai Vilkov,” not the Russian anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Tributs and sea tanker Boris Butoma, as per okd2’s claim. The ships that okd2 named were actually the ships that visited the Philippines back in January 2017. recently published fake stories, categorized as satire, about how a Chinese ship delivered 310,000 metric tons of construction materials for Marawi, how the CBCP condemned the brutal killings of Omar Maute and Isnilon Hapilon, and more.

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