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Busted: ‘Papatayin n’yo ba ako pag-uwi ko ng Pilipinas tulad ng ginawa ke Ninoy noon?’ Trillanes did not say this!

A Facebook page claiming to be supporting President Rodrigo Duterte posted a photo of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV with the senator’s alleged statement asking if his critics are planning to kill him the way the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was killed.

Facebook fan page “Rodrigo Duterte Supporters” uploaded a photo bearing Trillanes’ face and alleged statement, which said: “Papatayin n’yo ba ako pag-uwi ko ng Pilipinas tulad ng ginawa ke Ninoy noon?”
Trillanes allegedly added that if his critics does pull an assassination with him as the target, it would only give the people a chance to stage a People Power.

“Sige kayo magiging bayani ako n’yan. Magkakaroon na naman ng People Power. Gusto n’yo ba maulit muli ang kasaysayan?” the alleged quote from the senator said.

Accompanying Trillanes’ meme were photos of the incident when the late Ninoy Aquino was killed at the tarmac when he landed in the Philippines from the United States.

Those who won’t bother inspecting the photo of Trillanes and his alleged words would likely fall for the trap set up by the fan page. However, we searched for other news sources that might have carried the same statement from Trillanes but could not find any.

We checked Senator Trillanes’ official Facebook page, where the format of the background often used in the senator’s official statements can often be seen. “Rodrigo Duterte Supporters” uploaded the Trillanes meme on October 22, at around 6 pm. This meant that the senator’s Facebook page could have released the said statement before then.

The most recent statement he released was posted on October 23, around noon.

“Nagtraydor daw ako sa bayan dahil nakipag-usap ako kay US Sen. Marco Rubio kahit pa sinabi na nya mismo na PH-US alliance, corruption and human rights situation ang pinag-usapan namin. Ano naman ngayon ang tawag sa mga protektor ng isang presidenteng pumatay at nagpapapatay ng mga Pilipino, mga bayani? Pwede ba, umayos kayo!” Trillanes said.
This was his response to those who were accusing him of treason for visiting the US and meeting with a US senator.

His second to the last statement, posted on his official Facebook page on October 20 was his confirmation of his US visit and meeting with some senior US government officials, as well as Senator Marco Rubio.

“I would like to confirm the information that I met with senior US government officials to include Senator Marco Rubio. As mentioned in the tweet of Sen. Rubio, we talked about enhancing RP-US relations, corruption and the human rights situation in the country. Unlike the officials of the Duterte Administration, I presented only factual information. Besides, you cannot fool the US government; they know what’s happening in our country,” Trillanes said.

“To be clear, I did not try to stop the state visit of Pres. Trump since these things are carefully planned and cannot be stopped on the mere say so of a Philippine senator,” he added.

His third to the last statement, as of writing, was all about commending the soldiers for killing the Maute terrorist leaders Omar Maute and Isnilon Hapilon.

There was no statement from Trillanes taunting his critics that if he gets killed after returning to the Philippines from his trip abroad, he might become martyred like Ninoy Aquino. Moreover, the use of all-capital letters in the Trillanes meme was something that is not consistent with how his official statements were drafted and posted on his Facebook page.

We found out that the page “Rodrigo Duterte Supporters” also shared the fake statement about the CBCP condemning the killings of terrorist leaders Omar Maute and Isnilon Hapilon.

Its post of the said fake story involving the CBCP event went viral, earning over 36,700 shares, as of writing.

The Duterte fan page also shared this fake meme about Russian President Vladimir Putin showing his alleged statement on human rights. But we already debunked this lie with our article “Busted: Putin DID NOT say ‘human rights are for humans, not for animals’ or call criminals as ‘animals.’”

These recent posts that spread fake news proved that the admins of the Facebook page “Rodrigo Duterte Supporters” have been quite negligent in checking whether they are sharing a fake story or not. Watch out for the possibility that the page’s next post might be another fake news. Do your own research instead of get carried away with your emotions over a story, meme or photo that might turn out to be fake.

As for the accusations of treason thrown against Trillanes, Senator Francis Escudero said that he does not believe Trillanes’ meeting with US Senator Marco Rubio qualifies as treason.

“I don’t believe it would fall under the provisions of the Revised Penal Code for treason. The DOJ, through the NBI, always has the power to investigate violations of the law. I just don’t really think it would fall under treason,” he said in a text message on October 23.

Trillanes insisted that he only “presented only factual information” to the US officials he met.

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