Busted: Roxas filing charges against Duterte for shaming generals? Totally misleading TITLE!

Is Mar Roxas angry at President Rodrigo Duterte for revealing the names of the five generals allegedly involved with drugs? According to one article title being shared on Facebook, Roxas wants to file a case against Duterte for shaming the generals.Roxas Filing Charges Duterte

Facebook page “Netizen” shared the article on July 26 and it immediately racked up comments.

Many of those comments were daring Roxas to push through with filing a case against the President, even labeling him as a drug protector himself. Others were asking why Roxas is affected when he was not the one being shamed by Duterte. Commenters were also telling him to shut up and not to react if he does not want to look guilty.

Comments on Roxas Filinf Charges Duterte

Based on the comments lambasting Roxas, these Facebook users were really incensed over the idea of Roxas even daring to think of going against Duterte for the sake of the generals.


But if you click through to the site, there was no single word about Roxas filing charges against Duterte. The article was not even about Roxas and the five generals. It was merely an article lifted off an ABS-CBN report about him making a stand on how extrajudicial killings affect the poor Filipinos.

The blog,, quoted Roxas saying, “Lahat ng mga extra-judicial na gawaing ito, ang talagang maapektuhan nito ay ‘yung mga mahihirap. Kasi ang mayayaman, makakabili ng baril, makaka-hire ng security guards, makakakuha ng resbak, may abogado. May access yung mayayaman sa ibang tulong.”

The blog even referred to former Interior Secretary’s interview with ABS-CBN on June 27.

If those Facebook users who blasted Roxas have just read the content of the article instead of merely reading the title, then they would know that they have nothing to react about. They are, as many netizens seem to be fond of doing these days, posting online before reading and understanding the material they are reacting to.

Even if you look for news about Roxas mulling over filing a case against Duterte for naming the generals, you won’t find anything. He might have talked about filing a case during his statement denying his connection to the five PNP officials that Duterte named and accused as drug protectors, but it was to recommend the observation of due process. In his statement, Roxas said, “Kung totoo na may kinalaman sa paggamit o pagbebenta ng ilegal na droga ang mga heneral na ito, o kahit na sino pa man, naniniwala ako na ang tama at makatwirang gawin ay sampahan sila ng kaso imbes na magpakalat ng mga haka-haka at espekulasyon.”

Roxas only went to deny any relationship between him and the controversial generals Duterte exposed, but he never said he was angry at Duterte, let alone thinking about filing charges against the President. It’s obvious, though, that the blog’s main purpose was to deceive the readers, considering how misleading the title is and how it isn’t even related in any way to its content. It’s up to us, netizens, to be actually read the materials we find so we won’t be duped into reacting to things that are completely fictional.


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