Anong move on, respect rule of law sa Marcos burial? Get off your hypocritical Marcos horse first – netizen to Malacañang

Malacañang Palace urge everyone to move forward after the Supreme Court decided on allowing the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s remains to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella emphasized on Tuesday, November 8, that the SC is “the final arbiter of all legal questions.”

“We hope that the matter will finally be laid to rest, and that the nation find the wherewithal to move forward and to continue forging a nation that is peaceable, just and fair to all,” Abella said in a statement.


Solicitor General Jose Calida also released a separate statement about the SC’s decision, calling it a “landmark” decision and a “major step towards national reconciliation.”

“The judicial imprimatur given by the Honorable Court vindicates the political wisdom of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to hasten unity and national healing. It puts to rest the bitter debate which has divided our people for far too long. It is a welcome development for the Filipino people who thirst for peace and change,” Calida said.

Calida also expressed his thanks to the SC justices who kept their “judicial independence” amid the clamor from various sectors.

“I am grateful to our magistrates who maintained their judicial independence throughout the proceedings despite strong emotional appeals from various sectors. Through its monumental decision, we are comforted by the thought that our Supreme Court never wavered in its role of being the conscience of our nation,” he said.

“I invite everyone to respect and abide by the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court. As the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos is finally laid to rest, may we all learn to set aside our differences and stand united under the rule of law,” he added.


However, Facebook user Bernard Ong slammed both Abella and Calida’s “hypocritical” statements on the issue as they touted respecting the rule of law and moving forward for Filipinos to stop fighting Marcos’ hero’s burial.

As for respecting rule of law, Ong asks Malacañang about the issues of extrajudicial killings, lack of due process, and letting a family who plundered the country get away, which are clearly against the law.

“How about extra-judicial killing, use of lethal force against those already in custody, unconstitutional tokhang, self-incriminating surrender forms, lack of due process,” Ong said.

“How about letting the family that committed colossal plunder get away with billions in hidden wealth – some of which ended up funding your election campaign,” he added.

As for moving on from the Marcos issue, Ong wants to ask Malacañang to ask the Marcoses to return the stolen money and to admit and apologize to the victims of the Marcos regime first.

“How about your best friends return the loot first. Admission, apology & restitution,” Ong said.

He also hit Duterte’s “Marcosian governance.”


“Creating a fake crisis using false drug data (only 1.8% drug use, well below 5.2% global average) to justify War on Drugs. That’s Marcosian. Your idol used fake bombings, fake ambush & Red scarecrow to justify Martial Law & perpetuate himself in power,” Ong said.

“Killing your own people by the thousands. No respect for human rights. No due process. Weakening democratic institutions. That’s Marcosian,” he explained.

“No-bid infra projects. Giving big contracts to China companies blacklisted for corruption. That too is Marcosian,” he added.

In conclusion, Ong has this to say to the Malacañang officials: “You sir, have no moral right to invoke rule of law or moving on. Get off your hypocritical Marcos horse.”


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