Busted: Fake news site claims Putin condemn LP members as reason PH will ‘never move forward’

A few articles have surfaced on Facebook claiming that Russian leader Vladimir Putin slammed Liberal Party members for the Philippines not moving forward.  They bore the title, “Breaking News: Vladimir Putin: With Liberal Party Members Philippines Will Never Move Forward” and they have been shared by Marcos and Duterte fan pages.

Putin Condemn LP Members
Putin Condemn LP Members
[/50_50_second]Putin Condemn LP Members

The articles were picked up by blogs,, and, which are in Meme Buster’s list of fake and satire sites.

They claimed that Putin condemned the LP members for wrangling power in the Philippines under Duterte’s administration.

Putin was even quoted saying this in the articles: “I wonder why they are fighting President Duterte, is it because Duterte is defending the poor? Members of the liberal party are the biggest problem Filipinos should solve first, with people like Leni, Loida and Leila De Lima Philippines will never move ahead, Filipinos should push for the resignation of all crooked individuals in the government.”


Duterte’s earlier remarks about the “yellows” trying to oust him to him and how many people perceived Vice President Leni Robredo as incompetent and unable to handle drug lords were also mentioned in the articles.

LP, on their part, denied President Duterte’s accusations that they are planning an ouster.

LP President Kiko Pangilinan said, “Naninindigan lang tayo sa ilang mga isyu pero ang mga paninindigan na ito’y di mauuwi sa planong patalsikin ang gobyerno. Oo mayroon kaming mga batikos, may puna pero hindi ibig sabihin sa pagpupuna, paninindigan e gusto na nating tanggalin sa pagka-pangulo an gating pangulo.”

Pangilinan also defended Robredo against the same accusations.

“Hindi ho yan gahaman sa puwesto. Ayaw nga niyan tumakbo e,” he said.

However, the articles claiming Putin slammed LP members, which have the same content from start to finish, actually came from another blog called Yes, it is that fake news site again, but there are still so many people who fall for the tricks pulled off by this site.

Putin Condemn LP Members

Putin did not address such issues in the Philippines and certainly did not touch on the current of the LP members in the country’s development. That statement that was attributed to him in the article is completely made up as well.


Moreover, thet1mes is notorious for posting false news, such as Queen Elizabeth erecting a Duterte statue, US President Barack Obama calling Senator Leila De Lima abnormal, De Lima buying a New York mansion,  and more. Would you trust a website known for making up stories?

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