Busted: Photo used to show pro-Duterte rally’s candle-light vigil is Guinness World Records feat in Iloilo

During the EDSA anniversary last Saturday, President Rodrigo Duterte supporters gathered in Luneta to show support for the president after former police officer Arthur Lascañas’ death squad bombshell, according to The Department of the Interior and Local Government also said on February 22 that the vigil and rock concert was held to support Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs and corruption.
Articles about an event during the pro-Duterte rally that can induce goose bumps. These articles are also posted with an accompanying photo of people holding candles.

The story and the same photo were shared by Facebook fan pages, such as “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan,” whose post gained 5,700 shares; “Duterte 2016 Bohol ‘Calapenhon Movement,’” whose post gained 2,800 shares; “Byaheng Duterte,” and “Duterte-Marcos Loyalist.”

pro-Duterte rally’s candle-light vigil
pro-Duterte rally’s candle-light vigil[/50_50_second]

pro-Duterte rally’s candle-light vigil
pro-Duterte rally’s candle-light vigil

All the fan pages mentioned above shared an article from
When we clicked on the link, we found a YouTube video that is almost 13 minutes long. It shows the candle lighting part during a Duterte rally on February 25, when the supporters prayed for President Duterte and government officials.

However, the photo used in the article published by is actually a photo of an event in Iloilo in April 15, 2014 that gained them a spot in the Guinness World Records. As per Inquirer’s report, thousands of people gathered in a muddy and dark field in Oton, Iloilo bearing lighted candles to form a giant map of the Philippines. The goal was to break the record of the “largest flaming image using candles,” which was then held by Pakistan with 35,478 lighted candles.

There were 56,680 lit candles from the participants of the “Light of Peace in the Philippines 2014” led by The Middle Way Meditation Institute Iloilo (MMI).

pro-Duterte rally’s candle-light vigil

We tried searching for the real photo of the candle lighting part of the Luneta rally held by the President’s supporters and found one that was posted by

pro-Duterte rally’s candle-light vigil

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