Busted: Misleading blog claims Peter Lim named de Lima, Cebu City mayor as drug protectors

Ever seen this blog loitering on your Facebook newsfeed? It’s been shared thousands of times by various Facebook pages, including this one bearing President Rodrigo Duterte’s profile picture.

De Lima Drug Protector

As the Facebook post reads, “Basahin at alamin ang buong katotohanan tungkol kay Peter Lim..” so we did.

The article started out fine, detailing how the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief Director General Isidro Lapeña has confirmed that the Cebuano Peter Lim is the same Peter Lim on their list. It also went on to narrate how the National Bureau launched a fact-finding team to look into Lim and his alleged links to illegal drug trade, as well as his July 15 meeting with Duterte to clear his name. All of this is true so far.

We scrolled down some more, but it was actually the end of the article.

Was Senator Leila de Lima and Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña, a nickname they misspelled as they wrote “Thomas,” mentioned anywhere in the article? NOPE!

This meant that yes, once again, this problematic blog that we’ve busted a few times before, has once again stamped a MISLEADING title to an otherwise genuine news story because everything in the story was true. They just want to reel you in with their lies with the wrong title.

Just look at their popular posts. This has made a hobby out of deceiving people! We just busted their stories about a Korean reporter praising Duterte as ‘the best president of all time,’ as well as that story about Duterte being the Top 1 president with this Memebuster article.

De Lima Drug Protector

If you encounter this blog in any of your social media wanderings, think twice or several times over before believing any of its stories!


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