Busted: Do we have a modern Nostradamus in our midst? No, it’s just a Facebook feature

Apparently, Reyes made sure to make full use of Facebook’s tool that would give any of its users some Nostradamus power to predict the future. We’re guessing you might have used it too, especially if you are really careful about your Facebook posts.

Reyes simply made use of Facebook’s “Edit Post” feature. With a simple click on the said feature, he made it seem as though he was able to predict the things he posted in 2015.


You can see behind his Nostradamus trick by looking at his edit history. Just click on that drop down button on his post and select “View edit history.” Reyes magic will then be easily dispelled.

Pablo Reyes Nostradamus Facebook

His original post was way far off from his claimed ‘predictions, saying “White people outside taking selfies with tornadoes and shit.”

But he probably succeeded in making people remember his name because he is now a Facebook sensation with hundreds of reactions and shares. He just conned his way into fame and achieved his goal, even if it meant involving the death of the victims of the most fatal mass shooting in the US.

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