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Busted: Marcos pulled off a Rambo with an M60 in WWII? Not really

When Ferdinand Marcos Sr. launched his presidential campaign in 1965, he claimed to have been “the most decorated war hero in the Philippines.” He also claimed to have led a guerilla resistance unit called Ang Maharlika during World War II. However, the United States later concluded that Marcos’ claims were “fraudulent” and “absurd.”

And just recently, a Facebook page has cropped up called “Ferdinand Marcos Legacy.” The page has resurrected claims about Marcos’ “Maharlika” exploits.


One of the memes on the page said:

When all of his 12 fellow Maharlika guerillas died after being surrounded by 700 Japanese soldiers, this made Ferdinand Marcos so mad, that he fired back using an M60 machine gun, this made the Japs to run for life.

All the Japanese died after a 2 hour battle.

Our best president ever, deserve a Heroes Burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The meme’s caption also said, “Ang galling talaga ni Apo Lakay, parang si Rambo.”

Ferdinand Marcos Pulled m60

That is a LIE. Click the button below to reveal the truth.


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