Facebook dishes out security tips amid hacking reports among Filipino FB users

Social networking site Facebook gave out a few tips on how users can secure their accounts after several reports of Filipino users being locked out.

ABS-CBN News made an inquiry to Facebook officials received by Ogilvy and Mather, the site’s public relations team in the Philippines, which responded with the following tips:

First, enable log-in approvals or a two-step verification method.


According to Ogilvy and Mather, these are the best and easiest means to prevent Facebook accounts from hacking.

Using this method, a code sent to your phone must be entered first before having permission to log in from a different computer, phone or web browser you don’t usually open.

To activate log-in approvals, go to “more” and click on “Settings.” Afterwards, choose Security Settings and tick the box next to “Login Approvals.”

Second, be wary of reporting.

On almost every piece of content on Facebook, there is a link for reporting abuse, bullying, and harassment, along with other issues.

To report a post, just tap on the upper right of the post where a drop-down list will appear. On the drop-down list, select the option that best portrays the issue. Afterwards, follow the instructions that will appear on screen.

Once you have reported something on Facebook, there is an option to keep tabs on the status of your report in your Support box.


In case you are worried about your information being leaked when you report a post, Facebook guarantees that your identity will not be revealed when they reach out to the person in question.

In an earlier report, experts also advised users to change their passwords into something stronger, connect to secure WiFi networks only and avoid giving out too much information online.

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