Netizen slams Duterte’s threats to human rights advocates, laments waste of taxes on MisCommunications team

Facebook user Bernard Ong condemned President Rodrigo Duterte for threatening the human rights defenders in the Philippines.

He recalled how Duterte’s threat went.

“Nov 29 Du30: “The human rights (defenders) said I ordered the killings. I told them, ‘Okay, let’s stop’. We’ll let them (drug suspects) multiply so that when it’s harvest time, more people will die. I will include you because you are the reason why their numbers swell.”


And how it was later interpreted and explained away by the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) as simply an expression of the president’s “frustrations.”

Ong recalled the PCO’s statement through PCO Assistant Secretry Kris Ablan.


“Nov 30 Malacanang: Not a threat, but an ‘expression of frustration’. “We appeal that citizens decide on the President’s actions more than his talk. I think his statement last Monday was just another expression of his frustration on the difficulty of running the country.”

Ong then lamented how the Filipinos’ taxes are “wasted” for paying for the president’s “MisCommunications department.”

“Our taxes are wasted on this MisCommunications department. They put new words into the president’s mouth. And spin ‘good intentions’ where evil lurks,” he said.

He then broke down the PCO’s statement one by one.

For Ong, Duterte’s statement was clear – he will blame and kill human rights activists if his drug war fails.

“1. Du30’s statement was clear enough. He believes human rights activists obstruct his Drug War. If he fails to deliver on ‘Eliminate drugs in 3 to 6 months’, he will blame then kill human rights activists. Rather than admit incompetence and proceed to the second part of that promise ‘Then I will resign’.”

With this statement, Malacañang seems to be assuming that everyone else is “stupid” for misunderstanding Duterte, he said.

“2. Malacanang passes blame to people for ‘misunderstanding’ words that are plainly understandable. The underlying assumption is that people are stupid.”

Look at “actions more than talk”? Then, they should stop Duterte from talking, Ong added.

“3. If they believe this ‘actions more than talk’ nonsense. Then they should wrap his mouth his duct tape to eliminate his useless talk – which actually harms the country’s reputation & destabilize the economy.”


And Ong did look at the “actions” the country is currently witnessing.

“4. Decide on actions more than talk. Fine, let’s do this.

Action: Davao Death Squad killed 1,000+ when Du30 was mayor of the city. Almost all murders unresolved. Testimony of the only significant witness to surface – Matobato – were sanitized by his allies in Senate.

Action: Du30 regime has killed 5,000+ in its Drug War including many innocents he writes off as ‘collateral damage’.

Action: Many were killed by vigilantes without serious police investigations. Others thru suspicious ‘Nanlaban’ circumstances like the shooting of Mayor Espinosa inside his own jail cell. CIDG-8 Supt. Marcos was reinstated despite this killing on Du30’s orders.

Action: Cops use self-incriminating ‘user or pusher’ surrender forms in Tokhang operations.

Action: Meanwhile top-level drug lord & kumpare Peter Lim alias Jaguar, self-confessed ‘tried-it-all’ drug user & Senate ally Pacman, and drug buy-bust suspect & grandson of ally Arroyo all get off free. Cronies are above the law.”

Ong slammed Duterte and the PCO, adding that issuing death threats is a sign that someone has an “immature, weak, unstable mind.”

“5. Frustration is not an excuse for making death threats.

It’s a sign of an immature, weak, unstable mind. In the workplace, making death threats out of frustration will get you fired. The presidency is the most important job in the Philippines. This should likewise be grounds for termination from employment.”

He then compared Duterte’s “frustration” to the frustration felt by the Filipinos for his friendliness with the Marcoses and for allowing the dictator’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“6. If Du30 is allowed to make death threats out of frustration, then it should be equally acceptable for people ‘frustrated’ – for instance by his taking stolen money from Imee Marcos, co-orchestrating Marcos burial in hero’s cemetery – to wish him misfortune.”

In his last point, Ong said Duterte should not blame the human rights defenders.

“7. Don’t blame human rights activists for Duterte’s failure & incompetence. There is no shame in admitting difficulty in running the country.”

To close his Facebook post, Ong said Duterte should just resign then, without theatrics, if he fails to deliver his promise.

“If he can’t do it, he should just resign – without theatrics. He has a promise to keep. Just duh it!” he said.


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