Busted: Site claims Duterte was given ‘extraordinary’ awards by foreign countries! This is MISLEADING!

Facebook fan page “President Duterte Supporters Worldwide” speculated just how the “Yellows” are probably feeling envious because of how foreign countries have honored President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Nanggaliti ngayon sa inggit ang mga dilawan kay Tatay Digong,” the page said in its Facebook post.

“I’m proud of you President Duterte. Our country will be great again,” the page added.

The fan page also encouraged other Duterte supporters who are proud of the president to share the article.

And that article is claiming some good news, exclaiming just how great President Duterte is for receiving “extraordinary” awards from various countries.

Duterte Extraordinary Awards Foreign Countries

When we clicked on the article, published by (see our list of fake news and satire sites), we found that they only posted a photo of Duterte with several people as well as an hour-long YouTube video of the entire event.


The event was actually the presentation of credentials of 9 ambassadors to the Philippines to President Duterte at the Malacañang Palace on December 6.

This is the photo used on the site that was uploaded by the Presidential Communications Office about the event.

 And here is the entire album posted by the PCO on its official Facebook page:

The title on the misleading article, which said Duterte has received “extraordinary awards” could have come from the caption used by PCO as it uploaded photos of the event as it said, “President Rody Duterte received the credentials of the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Designate of Brunei, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Kuwait, Malaysia, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America, at the Malacañan Palace on December 6, 2016.”


According to the Presidential Museum & Library website, every new ambassador to the Philippines have to attend the official ceremony, Presentation of Credentials to the President of the Philippines, before the Philippine government can formally recognize them as their country’s official representative. The ceremony includes the new ambassadors presenting the Philippine President a “letter of credence,” which “accredits him or her to deal with the Philippine government in a diplomatic capacity, with appropriate rank.”

Unlike what the misleading title claimed, Duterte did not receive any extraordinary awards from the ambassadors of other countries, except for the latters’ “letter of credence” to get them started in their work in the Philippines. However, that did not stop many netizens from praising Duterte for the misleading claim and sharing it over 3,500 times, based on single Duterte fan page that we found.

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