Meet Duterte supporter Lorraine Badoy, who heckled the Marcoses, called them ‘thieves,’ protest Marcos burial

Are you one of those people who think that President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters align with whatever he says and believes in? If you are, then Doctor Lorraine Mae Badoy would be happy to prove you wrong.

While Badoy supports Duterte and his pro-poor stance, she wholeheartedly and fiercely opposes his stand on the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. In fact, she even frequently writes about it on her Facebook page.


On listening to Marcos loyalists

On November 19, she wrote about how she likes talking and listening to Marcos loyalists.

“You know why? They force me to listen to views starkly different from mine that I get bug eyed in disbelief. They teach me that worlds so different from mine do exist. They blow my mind open. They have taught me, far more than anyone has, the meaning of respect, tolerance, understanding, humility,” Badoy said.

She also warned about how the thought that only you know the TRUTH may start a war.

“They have taught me that this is how wars start and how they continue for decades: when we’re all utterly convinced of the rightness of our convictions. When we think that ONLY we have the monopoly to the truth. And that there is only ONE truth,” she added.

Badoy said that she has learned one thing from dealing with Marcos loyalists – to listen.

“And so I am grateful to Marcos loyalists— me, someone who is fiercely anti-Marcos. Because while they will never, in a million years, make me believe their truth (just as I am certain I will never make them believe my truth), they have taught me to listen. Really listen. With respect. With tolerance. With humility,” she said.


As she learned tolerance, she also learned to “unclench (her) fists and not to drown in rage and grief” because she believes her own truth – that she loves her country and wants only the best for it.

“And so while I will never stop telling my truth about the Marcoses—that they are plunderers and murderers and that Ferdinand Marcos is no hero and that he stole our country’s bright future,” Badoy wrote.

“And while I will do my best to make sure the flame of this truth is passed on to future generations, I will not slay fellow Filipinos, fellow human beings in my quest to do what I think is right,” she added.

Badoy concluded her post with, “I will listen.”

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