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Busted: Duterte orders cops to arrest Robredo if suspected of drug deals? Story came from fake Al Jazeera site

Despite the recently discovered notoriety of the fake news site, some people seemed to not have learned their lesson not to fall for the mostly fake stories published by this site. Its recent story is about how President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly told the police to arrest Vice President Leni Robredo if ever she is suspected of getting involved with drug deals.
The story said that President Duterte an order to arrest anyone suspected of peddling drugs and that he slammed Robredo for sympathizing with drug pushers. He also allegedly said that if the police suspects the Vice President of being involved with drugs, they should arrest her without hesitation.

Despite being its source, people still shared the article.

It was also shared by a Facebook user to the group Marcos Defenders Worldwide Unlimited, where it got 99 shares, as of writing.

President Duterte has always expressed his determination to stop the proliferation of drugs and crime in the country, even once vowing in his 2016 State of the Nation Address to “not stop until the last drug lord, last financer and last pusher have surrendered or put behind bars or below the ground if they so wish.”
However, he did not single out or mentioned Robredo in telling cops to arrest drug suspects.

While Duterte mocked what was interpreted as Robredo’s proposal to decriminalize drug use, he did not tell cops to arrest Robredo if she is suspected of being in the illegal drug trade.

Robredo, a human rights lawyer before entering public office, previously said that Duterte’s war on drugs lacked the element of rehabilitation. She also spoke out against the spate of killings of suspected drug dealers or drug users, but her office maintained that they are “very supportive” of the campaign against drugs.

Unlike the website’s claim, Robredo did not sympathize with drug pushers. Instead, she urged everyone to respect human rights and rule of law.

“I share the belief of the President that we should eradicate crime, but we have different approach. I believe that in waging war against drugs and ensuring peace and order, human rights should not be violated,” Robredo said in July.

“We need rule of law. What is provided under our laws, our Constitution, must be followed, because this will be the best defense of the poor against those who abuse their power,” she added.

The fake news site has published several fake stories recently, with their fake story on US ambassador Nikki Haley asking space for Duterte even making it to a Manila Times column. The site is also responsible for publishing other fake articles, such as those claiming that Canadian Prime Minister asking why the world is fighting Duterte instead of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Swiss president saying Duterte has his ‘”citizens at heart.”

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