Busted: Did Duterte hint that PH will become US territory? No, he didn’t! Hoax alert!

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An article from a fake news site claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte has hinted on how the Philippines is about to become a United States territory.

It was published by states-tv.com, which claims that Duterte allegedly said how the US is reclaiming the Philippines, considering how it used to be an American territory. Our country is said to be joining other territories which will be permanently inhabited by the US, such as Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

Duterte hint that PH will become US territory

Duterte was quoted saying: “This has been a request on the table for quiet sometime. Trump administration has made it very favorable for us. Filipino envoy are expected to be in the US soon to append signatures on documents.”

The article then explained what would happen to the Philippine government under the US government. The Philippines will still be given local voting rights, pay US taxes, get protection from US courts, and have a representation in the US House of Representatives. Filipinos will then no longer need a US visa to travel to the US.

Before concluding the story, states-tv.com noted how President Duterte has said that plans for converting the Philippines into a US territory are “far advanced.”

While it is true that the Philippines used to be occupied by the Americans, Duterte has no plans on making us a US territory. It is an idea born out of the writer’s imagination and someone even tried to share it on Facebook, although it did not get picked up by many netizens.

Duterte hint that PH will become US territory

In fact, Duterte has made several controversial remarks against the US, although he earlier said that he felt a “good rapport” with US President Donald Trump. He also gave the assurance that despite previous rocky relations, especially during the Obama administration, the US-PH ties are intact. However, there are no talks about the Philippines becoming American territory.

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