Duterte Claimed PhilHealth Has Not Helped Davao

On the issue of providing health aid to far-flung areas in the Philippines, Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte called out Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas on his claims about the current  services of PhilHealth, saying that the administration is only giving people empty promises.

When the presidential candidates were given their extra 30 seconds to add something to their earlier response to the health issue, Roxas said that everything the other candidates are proposing are already being implemented by the government. He specifically mentioned how there is already a P1 billion trust fund at PhilHealth’s disposal and the zero billing program is already at work.


But Duterte responded to Roxas’s claims, saying, “It ain’t true. Wala sa Davao.”

Roxas was given his turn to respond, seeing as how his name was mentioned.

“Siguro, kathang-isip ito ni Mayor Duterte dahil totoo na may mga natulungan ang PhilHealth sa Davao.”

Roxas also added that at eight o’clock on Monday morning, he’d give the mayor a list of everyone in Davao City who availed of PhilHealth’s services.

The mayor said he does not believe Roxas at all.


“I do not believe you. You have made so many promises in your term in the government. Lahat halos wala kayong naibigay sa tao. Puro daldal, puro announcement, puro lahat. No implementation. There is one, it’s all corruption,” Dutere said as a response.

Is the mayor true to his word that Davao City residents are really not getting PhilHealth services? Click on to reveal the truth.


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