After DOT’s misleading graph, Superficial Gazette hits admin’s issues when it comes to Math

Parody page Superficial Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines (SGRP) mocks the Duterte administration’s Mathematical skills with a meme with the hashtag #DiBestDiBrightest.

“The Philippine Government is full of Math Geniuses who all deserve Doctorates in Mathematics. Ang galing talaga ni Tatay Digong!” they wrote.
Accompanying that caption is a meme recounting how President Rodrigo Duterte said that he wanted to remove advanced Mathematics from the curriculum. Then presidential candidate Duterte said that if he would get elected president, he wanted to remove Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus removed and replaced with Business Mathematics, which he considered to be a practical subject.

The Superficial Gazette also noted Duterte’s own version of the law of subtraction when he mistakenly said that 110 million minus 20 million is equal to 80 million during his second State of the Nation Address.

On July 21, when Duterte announced that he would abandon the peace taks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the President made the wrong calculations.

“No more talk. Let us fight. I’ll save enough money for the arms, I’ll buy the new ones, the precision guided missiles. And there’s too much of us, 110 million. It can sacrifice about 20 (million Filipinos), it becomes 80 (million). Hindi na over populated,” Duterte said.
The Superficial Gazette also mocked Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano’s Math skills when he made his own law of multiplication. He claimed that for every drug pusher, there are 1,000 drug addicts. He further added that there are 300,000 drug pushers in the Philippines. SGRP then deduced that given Cayetano’s earlier statement, it would mean that there are over 300 million Filipino drug users. But the question is that there are only over a 100 million people in the Philippines.

Then Senator Cayetano made the estimation of 300,000 drug pushers in the country in 2016 to rationalize the killings.

“”(S)a bawat isang libong addict, isang pusher. One pusher, 1,000 addicts, so you have 300,000 pushers,. Eh ang problem po sa pushers, mahigit kalahati sa kanila gumagamit din. At Mahirap sa gumamit karamihan sa kanila, armado,” he said.

The Superficial Gazette then turned to the Department of Tourism, specifically Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo. The page said that Teo “invented the Corazon-Teo Law of Data Manipulation.” This accusation came after the DOT was grilled by netizens for posting “misleading” graph to mark DOT’s achievements under the Duterte administration.

“If you performance is bad, you can erase the previous data (i.e. from bar graphs) to make your performance look like it is good,” the SGRP wrote about DOT’s controversial graph.

The Superficial Gazette later wrote that they were blocked by the DOT’s Twitter page after posting that meme about the administration’s Math skills.

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