Doctor mulls leaving PH for the first time after Duterte’s blunders repeatedly break his trust

Filipino doctor Alexter John Cabalonga Fajardo said he is considering leaving the Philippines for the first time after the Duterte’s administrations’ series of blunders.

In his Facebook post in the Facebook page “Daang Matuwid ni Mar Roxas,” Fajardo said that he wanted to give President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration a chance, the same way he gave former President Benigno Aquino III a chance. He said he voted for then presidential candidate Gibo Teodoro in 2010.

Fajardo first enumerated what he thought were questionable moves by Aquino before finally approving of his achievements, such as appointing Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) modernization program, and the praises pouring in about how the Philippines has become of the most promising economies in Asia.

He added that as a doctor, he was considering applying for the medical corp of the AFP, if only he was not in the middle of completing his residency training.

When Duterte won, he said to himself, “let’s give him a chance,” despite the rape joke, cursing Pope Francis II, and leaning towards China instead of the Philippines’ usual allies. He said that he had to tell himself to close his eyes to avoid seeing the rampant killings of the drug suspects in the country, hoping that something good might come out of this.


Fajardo also raised how Duterte has allowed the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and the clear hand of the government in historical revisionism concerning the Martial Law. But he said that this is just a minor part of Duterte’s plans for the Philippines.

But Duterte started attacking the US, especially after raising how thousands of Filipinos died a hundred years ago, all the while forgetting how the US sacrificed thousands of young American lives to free us from Japan.

Fajardo pointed out how the US has protected the Philippines and the Southeast Asian countries, causing the region to grow and prosper, not to mention the help and the economic boost we get from the US.

The doctor surely did not forget about how Duterte still seemed pro-China when these Chinese, not the Americans, are now “the biggest threat to our national sovereignty.”

And the most recent issue between Duterte and the US is how the Philippine president to leave Mindanao or the Abu Sayyafs will kill them. Fajardo wondered why the Americans should leave when he thought they helped in neutralizing terrorist Zulkifli “Marwan” Abdhi, who was killed in Mamasapano in 2015.

Fajardo narrated how when he was first asked if he wanted to go abroad, he said, “Kahit sa panaginip, hindi ko naisip na iwan ang Bansang ito. Mas kailangan ako dito…”

However, he said that Duterte and his government’s blunders keep breaking his trust.

“Pero sa mga nangyayaring ito na paulit-ulit sinisira ang iyong pagtitiwala ng gobyerno mo, kahit na pilit mo itong niyayakap, at dahil sa karamihan ng mga kababayan mo ay para bagang nahulog na sa isang hipnotismo kahalintulad noong panahon ng Nazism sa Bansang Alemanya sa ilalim ni Hitler… Hmmm…,” Fajardo said.

“Pag tinanung ako ngayon if I want to leave this country, and this is the very first time that this has come to mind – I’ll say, ‘Anong Western Country ang nag-o-offer ngayon ng training sa Masters in Molecular Biology or Molecular Medicine and is willing to accept a migrating physician interested in research?’” Fajardo added.

Doctor Leaving PH Duterte Administration

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