Busted: De Lima’s top secret in Espinosa’s death revealed through CCTV? Article is completely misleading!

Facebook pages “Duterte News Global” and “Duterte Warriors” are taking advantage of two of the most controversial issues these days by selling a misleading article to their followers. They shared an article claiming that Senator Leila de Lima’s “top secret” in the death of Albuera mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. is finally uncovered with the use of a hidden CCTV footage.

De Limas in Espinosas Death
De Limas in Espinosas Death[/50_50_second]

One, de Lima has always been a hot topic ever since she prominently figured as an opposition to the current administration and got criticized by President Rodrigo Duterte for her alleged affair with her driver and bag man and alleged involvement with the illegal drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison.

Two, Espinosa’s death is still under investigation, with Duterte openly expressing that he is still bound to believe the CIDG-8 raiding team’s story behind the mayor’s death and some lawmakers voicing out their suspicions and concern that Espinosa was a victim of extrajudicial killing.


Three, the CCTV hard drive of the footage of the time Espinosa was killed is still missing, with no clue so far as to who is in possession of the important recording.

All these three controversial things are present in the title of the article shared by the Duterte fan pages shown above.

But when we clicked on the link, which was published by newstrendph, one of the sites we’ve listed for sharing fake articles, it merely showed a combination of two clips – a clip revealed by dismissed NBI deputy director Reynaldo Esmeralda as pork barrel scam suspect Janet Lim-Napoles’ visit to NBI in 2013 and another clip of Bilibid inmate Peter Co’s testimony during the House probe into the Bilibid drug trade.


Unlike what the title claimed, Espinosa and the missing CCTV footage of the raid that killed her was nowhere mentioned in the clip within the article. The title “Top Secret ni De Lima sa Pagpatay kay Mayor Espinosa Naibunyag Tulong ng Nakatagong CCTV” is totally misleading.

Scanning the comments section, it seemed like wlhile some of the commenters fell for the misleading title, others were more skeptical.

De Limas in Espinosas Death

Sadly, there were more who took the bait from hoax makers hook, line and sinker and believed what the misleading title and article was claiming.

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