BUSTED: Did De Lima try to leave PH? It’s a misleading title!

Various articles have been circulating online that Senator Leila De Lima tried to leave the country after getting P1 billion from the drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison.

This has been posted by and and has been shared by several fan pages dedicated to President Rodrigo Duterte last October.

De Lima Try to Leave PH
De Lima Try to Leave PH[/50_50_second]

It was recently re-shared by more Duterte pages, now earning thousands of shares.

De Lima Try to Leave PH
De Lima Try to Leave PH[/50_50_second]

However, viewing the article, it can be seen that the content was extracted from the original article from The STAR entitled “Leila got millions from NBP drug lords,” published on September 18.

The original article from The STAR tackled the news about several affidavits of inmates from the New Bilibid Prison, which states that they have been giving money to De Lima in order attain certain privileges and to continue their businesses inside the national penitentiary.


No news about De Lima’s attempt to flee was stated in the original article.

The fake news article attempts to mislead the people into thinking that De Lima is planning to run away from the cases and issues that she is currently facing in the country due to her alleged involvement in the drug trade using the money that she had gained from the alleged act while she was still justice secretary.

Although the fake article did contain information about the affidavits issued by the NBP inmates, it is clearly plagiarized and stated in a way that would misinform the public. They changed The STAR’s intro, which stated “millions” into the ever correct “1 billions.”

De Lima Try to Leave PH

And here’s Newstrendph’s intro:

De Lima Try to Leave PH

The only they had was a misleading title about De Lima allegedly trying to leave the country, when she didn’t and she clearly said that she has no plans of leaving the country, fully intent on dealing with everything that was handed to her in person.


“I am innocent, and therefore I will not escape, kung yan ang gusto nilang ibig sabihin kaya nag-issue sila ng so-called lookout bulletin,” De Lima was quoted by ABS-CBN on October 10.


This is also not the first time fake news sites published misleading claims about De Lima leaving, but we busted that article, “Busted: De Lima planning on leaving PH? Another misleading post with a completely irrelevant video.”

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