Busted: Blogspot site is spreading fake stories about De Lima being Ely Pamatong’s college fling

Senator Leila De Lima has become an easy target for trolls and fake news sites alike.

Recently, a blogspot called “ABIAS-CBN NEWS” continues to spread false information about her.

Facebook groups such as “May Gad” and “Boycott Kapamilya Station” have shared the news which has reached hundreds of users; thus, adding more people in the misinformed list.

De Lima Ely Pamatong Fling
De Lima Ely Pamatong Fling

And it was picked up by Marcos fan page “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan.”

De Lima Ely Pamatong Fling

Yesterday, we reported on Karen Davila’s alleged plan to run for the 2019 Senatorial race found on the same site and how this piece of news was nowhere near true.

This time, the same site is trying to link De Lima to Ely Pamatong by circulating rumors that they used to date during college at De La Salle University.


Currently the talk of the town due to her illicit affair with former driver/bodyguard Ronnie Dayan, De Lima has been the target of netizens who constantly label her as a “slut.”

Seeing this as an opportunity, the blogspot site adds another slander to De Lima’s name with news that she had a relationship with a controversial person such as Pamatong.

The site was quick in narrating a teledrama-like love story wherein Pamatong and De Lima met at the school canteen, stating News Scandal Ph Blog as their source. De Lima was a freshman at the time and Pamatong was a graduating student; the Senator was supposedly eating banana cue when Pamatong approached and offered her tissue to remove the sugar stain from her mouth. They started dating after this incident but broke up when De Lima went to study law in San Beda.

In another article on the same site, it stated that De Lima has admitted to the relationship but said it was “just a fling and nothing serious.” In this version, the “love story” is put into more detail, even stating that the two were in an intimate relationship before Pamatong ran out on De Lima.

This confirmation was allegedly sourced from Rappler but no articles can be found on the news site regarding this issue.


Furthermore, videos uploaded on both articles were not actual videos but pictures edited to look like one. This is to mislead people who do not take time to verify whether the video (or the news itself) does exist.

Another Blogspot site, “PRRD NEWS”, posted pictures of De Lima and Pamatong conversing, accusing the two of plotting something bad.

De Lima Ely Pamatong Fling

The source of the photo is unknown and there is no evidence that can prove that the two are scheming or rekindling their past.

Moreover, with what little information we could find about Pamatong, he did not mention going to DLSU for college. Instead, he previously cited that he graduated from the University of the Philippines and Silliman University. So, the rumor’s claim about De Lima and Pamatong meeting for the first time at their school canteen is simply not possible.

But, as always, netizens are quick to judge without giving the benefit of the doubt… or validating their sources. And Abiascbn has become more creative in making up fake stories, conjuring them out of nowhere.

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