Busted: De Lima planning on leaving PH? Another misleading post with a completely irrelevant video

Is Senator Leila de Lima planning on going out of the country?

This is what a Duterte Facebook fan page claimed to be de Lima’s plan, as revealed by President Rodrigo Duterte. It also urged its followers to share the article to let other people know of the senator’s plan, which the followers did as the post already reached 800 shares.

De Lima Planning Leaving PH

If you click on the link to read the article, it just contains a screen capture of a Rappler coverage of what could be a press briefing with de Lima and a YouTube video with a title, “RTVNews5: Delima Balak Ng Lumabas Ng Bansa Ayon Kay Duterte August 30, 2016.”

It turned out to be a video of Duterte talking to the media on August 24 at the Ahfat Seafood Plaza 1, Victoria Plaza Compound in Bajada, Davao City. This was also when he announced the ceasefire with the Communist Party of the Philippines. The full link to the press conference can be found here.

The article simply had to switch the YouTube video’s title as bait for those who are curious about de Lima leaving the Philippines.De Lima Planning Leaving PH

In the video, a reporter asked Duterte a question about the senator, he brought up how de Lima came to Davao to investigate Duterte’s links to the Davao Death Squad and how she called Davao “killing fields.”

During the same press conference, Duterte insisted that drug users, whose brain has shrunk from constant use of shabu, resist arrest and pull their guns out to shoot at arresting officers. He added that he is losing two policemen or militarymen daily.

Duterte also slammed those who called the killings “genocide,” causing him to launch a cursing spree.

“E ayaw na maniwala, ito namang mga gago, genocide-genocide. ‘Tang ina. Pagkabobo naman itong mga putang-inang ‘to,” he said.


At the 6:14 mark, he even asked if the media are broadcasting his conference live.

“Is it live? Ah, di mas mabuti. Ulitin ko. Napakabobo naman ninyo kayong mga putang ina kayo. Why are you asking about… E di si de Lima pati yung mga UN rapporteur,” Duterte said, in part referring to the UN rapporteurs who called for the Philippine government to stop the killings in the country.

But throughout the entire 10-minutes and 7 seconds of the video, there was no mention of de Lima fleeing the country at all.

This did not stop de Lima’s haters, though, as they bashed the senator and believe in the article’s totally misleading title.

This was not the first time blogs and Duterte’s supporters were accusing de Lima of leaving the country to escape. However, Memebuster has busted that website without any content except for a misleading screen capture, making it seem like it was a video of the airport when it was just nothing.

You can watch the misleading article’s video here:


The latest news about de Lima is about her suspending the the third hearing that was scheduled on September 5. The senator agreed to suspend it while Duterte is abroad to attend the ASEAN Summit in Laos and visit Brunei and Indonesia.

“I’m always in good faith. They’re the ones always trying to misconstrue my words and my actions,” de Lima said.

She added that she never thought about embarrassing Duterte and if there is something to be embarrassed about, it’s the killings.

“To embarrass the President before the community of nations is far from my mind. If we are getting embarrassed, it’s because of the spate of killings. If they’re asking for a ceasefire, then the best thing to do is to have a ceasefire in the killings,” she added.

See? It is clear now that de Lima is staying put and staying true to her mandate as an elected senator. She is quite occupied at the moment with the Senate probe of the killings in the war against drugs.

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