Cebu City mayor calls Thinking Pinoy ‘#bobo,’ denies meeting Robredo, Trillanes in South Korea

Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña slammed blogger Rey Joseph Nieto, also known as Thinking Pinoy, for making an issue out of his trip to South Korea, which Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV also visited during the Lenten break.
In his post, Osmeña wrote, “Intawn, padung na ko uli. Wa pa ko makahibaw nga nianhi sila kung dili tungod sa imong pagkaintriga. Ngano, kailangan ba ko mu adto sa Korea kung ganahan ko mu kita sa bise president? #bobo.”

In the comments section, Osmeña added that no one would have known he was in South Korea if it wasn’t for his post about meeting a company CEO for the bus rapid transit (BRT) plans for Cebu. He also said that he didn’t expect traveling to South Korea sans his wife would lead to “more black propaganda.”

One commenter said that the meeting was set in South Korea to ensure secrecy, to which the mayor jokingly replied.

Cebu City mayor calls Thinking Pinoy bobo

Osmeña’s post was in reaction to TP’s post about how the LP politicians’ went to South Korea at the same time.

“Leni Robredo, Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV, and Tommy Osmeña: all in South Korea for the Lenten Break. Anong magic ba meron do’n at parang may magnet doon ng Liberal Party of the Philipipines politicos?” TP wrote.

Cebu City mayor calls Thinking Pinoy bobo

TP also posted Osmeña’s response “in the interest of fairness.”

Cebu City mayor calls Thinking Pinoy bobo

One of the commenters on his post who defended Osmeña, saying that it is unlikely the Cebu City mayor is in on the plan to destabilize the Philippines.

Cebu City mayor calls Thinking Pinoy bobo

TP then replied that these times call for “a hefty dose of doubt,” adding that he saw no problem with Osmeña’s outburst.

Cebu City mayor calls Thinking Pinoy bobo

Another commenter pointed out that Osmeña was in South Korea for the planned transportation system in Cebu, to which TP replied with “Noted.”

Cebu City mayor calls Thinking Pinoy bobo

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