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Busted: Marcos will become VP in 2018? But PET has not yet decided on electoral protest!

Some Facebook pages and individual users shared articles bearing the same news about how former Senator Bongbong Marcos will assume the vice presidency in 2018.

“Sa Wakas! 2018 Uupo Na Si Vice President Bongbong Marcos! Panoorin,” said the title of the articles that have been circulating online.
The story was picked up by blogs such as,,,,,,, and

The YouTube video from the blog was over 33 minutes long and it showed Thinking Pinoy blogger Rey Joseph Nieto’s Facebook Live.

Nieto started off talking about a well-placed source who’s involved in Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo who told him that Marcos won in Camarines Sur after the memory cards were decrypted. He said that he remembered that Robredo won 800,000 votes in CamSur, while Marcos only had 30,000 votes. However, the decryption process allegedly showed that Marcos actually won in CamSur.

“Sabi na nga nung source ko, nung dinecrypt yung SD cards, lumitaw na lamang si Bongbong. Medyo bumaligtad yung total. That is, kung magiging official na ang recount ng Camarines pa lang, vice president na si Bongbong. Ganyan,” Nieto said.

He noted that the recount will likely end in the first quarter of 2018.

Nieto also discussed about what will likely necessitate an early assassination of Duterte, noting the possibility that it could be done in the first quarter or 2nd quarter of 2018, when the weather is so hot protesters might run the risk of suffering from heat stroke. He also cited this as the reason why successful People Power revolutions were conducted in the first quarter of the year.

However, the blogger said that there could be two masterminds behind a Duterte assassination. Aside from the Liberal Party, the “obvious choice,” the military may also orchestrate the assassination of the President.

Why the military? Nieto said that there are still factions in the military that remained loyal to the LP, noting that there is one member of the National Security Council who is still loyal to the Aquinos. Another potential reason is that there might be military generals who might be enticed by the possibility that they could lead the country themselves through a military junta.

Nieto talked more scenarios about Duterte’s possible assassination by the military who are LP loyalists, LP, and the military who want a military junta but he also said that none of these scenarios may happen. He did not fail to note though the popular sayings about praying for the best but prepare for the worst.

As for Duterte’s assassination, Nieto said he does not believe that it is impossible, reminding his viewers about the PSG member who was killed inside the Malacañang Palace.

There was one viewer who said that no one would dare assassinate Duterte if Marcos is bound to be the next president, but Nieto said it was wrong to assume such thing. He said that if LP were to assassinate Duterte from January to April, it would mean that it’ll be up to Robredo or whoever LP would choose to install in power to pick the next Supreme Court justices. This meant that the next president may influence the decision of the SC sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), which oversees Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo.
The blogger also brought up the fact that if LP returns to power, he, along with Communications Asec. Mocha Uson and pro-Duterte blogger Sass Sasot, would be among the first ones who’d be sent to prison. He said that he’d seek political asylum abroad.

He even answered a question about the libel case filed against him by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Nieto explained that anyone can file a case but the question is whether that case has probable cause.

The video was more than 33 minutes long, with most of the video dedicated to Nieto talking about the different scenarios that may lead to a Duterte assassination. He said he decided to go on Facebook Live to help him through his mental block while writing an article about these scenarios. But the only part that was relevant to the title claiming that Marcos will be VP in 2018 was the first few minutes of the video. And as per his claim, he got the story from a “well-placed, anonymous source” who was involved in the electoral protest that is still ongoing.


The other blogs, such as, with almost the same title as the other articles about Marcos becoming a VP in 2018 contain a 13-minute video showing the “Karambola sa DWIZ” program. In the radio program, Nieto talked about the same source who claimed Marcos got more votes than Robredo, making him the VP. Just like in his Facebook video, he said that his source thinks that the LP might now be looking for ways to prevent a Marcos vice presidency. The rest of the video talked about the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, DOTr to file a plunder charge against Aquino executives over MRT, and the issues with MRT.


But again, when Marcos mentioned as the new vice president in 2018, it was all based on Nieto’s claim about his anonymous source who was present during the SD card decryption that Marcos won in Camarines Sur, allegedly enough to make him win in the recount. And it was all that was used by the blogs as the basis for claiming that Marcos will FINALLY become vice president in 2018.

We found Nieto’s Facebook Live post, which was copied by other blogs, on his own page, posted at 1 am on November 24.

Netizens were quick to react to the claims made by various blogs online about Marcos being proclaimed as VP next year, evident in the thousands of shares the story gets on Facebook. It was shared by and to pages such as “Sara Duterte Worldwide Supporters,” “Pres. Rody Duterte “Partner for Change,”” “President Duterte Astig Supporters,” “Aksyong Duterte,” and more.

Many netizens fell for the title’s claim, based on their comments.

But there were also netizens who wanted something that will assure them 100% that Marcos will indeed win in the recount next year, while slamming Nieto for raising false hope among Marcos’ supporters.

The only thing that was used as basis for writing such a title about Marcos being proclaimed as the Philippines’ vice president in 2018 was blogger Nieto’s story that he got from his “well-placed anonymous source.” PET has not yet decided on Marcos’ electoral protest, with both parties recently exchanging words over the list of witnesses submitted by Marcos’ camp. This meant that whatever Nieto’s claim was, it can still be considered as an unverified report that does not guarantee that Marcos will indeed be VP next year.

This is not the first story about Marcos winning in the recount. We debunked stories claiming that Robredo said she will continue with her VP duties until Marcos takes over, Marcos won in his electoral protest, and the recount results showed Marcos winning in areas where electoral cheating allegedly happened.


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