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Busted: Thousands of adult Betamax tapes found in Dagupan Cathedral? Story came from fake news site!

An online story about what were reportedly thousands of adult Betamax or VHS tapes found in Dagupan Cathedral spread online, causing netizens to slam the Catholic Church.
With a title “Thousands of Adult Betamax/VHS Tapes Found Inside Dagupan Cathedral,” the story actually came from the fake news site But when you click on the link, you will be redirected to a completely irrelevant story on another fake new site, We tried accessing Pinoy Observer’s site but we also got redirected to another page.

The fake story was picked up by blog, which was then shared by the Facebook page Dugong Maharlika, a page that has shared several fake stories before. As of writing, its post has been shared over 500 times.

The page fully believed in the fake news and even said this in its caption, “Bagong CBCP scandal, nabulgar.!!.Anubayan padre damaso at damasa, anung kababalaghan ang ginagawa nyo sa loob ng kombento? hindi yata kayo nag rosaryo nag s*x movie marathon pala kayo ha. Kaya pala ang utak nyo…utak Mauten Group, Anong Masasabi niyo dito?? SHare niyo po sa iba.”

According to the story, a sexton discovered at least 1,300 adult VHS and Betamax tapes in the stockrooom of the cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Dagupan City. The tapes were believed to have been collected since the 1980’s and 1990’s and contained adult movies. The report claimed that the tapes were believed to have been collected by several priests who were assigned to the cathedral.

The collection was accidentally discovered by a man who saw some of the adult tapes thrown as garbage by the sexton, the story claimed. That man reportedly took the tapes home and later asked the sexton about them.

The story included references to other fake stories too, such as those about adult toys found in a Manila convent where nuns used to live and about a former Pangasinan priest’s vintage condoms being sold on eBay. These stories also came from Pinoy Observer,, and, which are all fake sites that are somehow linked for how one site is sometimes redirected to the other site.

Just like the other stories that we found on Pinoy Observer or, this story about adult Betamax and VHS tapes found at the cathedral in Dagupan is fake. And this is not the first fake story about the Church that has come out from this site.

Pinoy Observer published fake stories such as those about the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) urging the surviving dad of the Bulacan massacre to forgive and forget, or the CBCP asking for donation for the legal fees of the priest caught with a minor.

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