Busted: Putin called De Lima a “witch”? Fake news site made it up


President Rodrigo Duterte has repeatedly expressed how he admires Russian leader Vladimir Putin and how he even deemed the latter as his “hero.” After meeting Putin at the APEC Summit in Lima, Peru, Duterte even said that he became “fast friends” with Putin.

Seeing how keen President Duterte is in making Putin and Russia as his friend and ally, it seemed to have fueled many fake news sites to make up stories about how Putin came to Duterte’s rescue and fight the Philippine leader’s battles, too.

This time around, fake news site c1tizen.com claimed that Putin called Duterte’s staunch opposition, Senator Leila De Lima, a “witch” who does not deserve sympathy if found guilty. It was also shared by a certain Jane Lim to Facebook fan page “We Support PDu30 Administration.”

Putin called De Lima Witch

Putin has allegedly accused De Lima as the “face of shame” in the Philippines and for “sponsoring drug traders,” claimed the article. He even allegedly said, “De Lima should be delt with seriously and according to the law if she is found guilty.”

The article, published on November 24, 2016, further claimed that De Lima would face a five-person panel during a preliminary investigation due to accusations that she received kickbacks to ignore the drug trade during former President Benigno Aquino III’s term.

Putin called De Lima Witch

Putin’s alleged statement, which obviously had a misspelled word, did not come from him. It came straight from the imagination of whoever wrote the article for this fake news site.

While Russia and the Philippines may be trying to establish a relationship, Putin has never commented about the state of Philippine politics. He is busy as it is dealing with the United States and the reports of Russian hacking during the US election.

And just like the other fake article that we’ve busted from c1tizen.com about Trump allegedly calling De Lima an a**hole, this article did not mention anything about Putin calling the lady senator a witch. It made an eye-catching title that was not even included in its content!

If you encounter articles from c1tizen.com, please take the time to verify them first. A simple Google check would help you a lot in determining just how true the websites’ claims are.

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