Busted: Trump called De Lima ‘a**hole’? It’s fake news!

Before he became US President-elect Donald Trump, he was noted for his derogatory comments against some people, especially women. It seemed like a certain blog used that image of Trump by writing an article claiming that he called Senator Leila De Lima an “a**hole” and banned her from entering the US over her alleged links to drug trade.

Duterte fan page “Hongkong OFW Solid for President Duterte” even shared the article, adding a caption, “That’s good…..thank you.”

Trump called De Lima Asshole

According to the article, Trump prevented De Lima from going to the US, as what was allegedly specified in a letter he sent to the US Ambassador at the US Embassy in Manila, Michael Klecheski. The reason? The US reportedly is not prepared to welcome criminal and corruption suspects like De Lima.


Klecheski was even said to have uttered this:

“The world is becoming a smaller place for people who have problems related to corruption.”

“One of the things that we have been calling for is international cooperation, so to that extent I think it is a laudable move. These kind of measures do make it easier for countries to deal with grand corruption and drugs-trafficking by making it have personal consequence for individuals who are involved in it.”


The article added that the US has already banned De Lima.

However, the website itself is suspicious as we have noticed several fake news on the site, such as Duterte’s body guards being shot dead, Duterte involving himself in the South Korean president’s scandal, Russian leader Vladimir Putin calling De Lima a witch, and more.

Trump called De Lima Asshole

If only the netizens who commented and shares the article clicked on it and checked just the rest of the website’s content, they would have found out that it is a fake news site.

It turned out the article was published in November 21, 2016. If its claims were true, De Lima would not have been able to go to the US and receive her award as a Foreign Policy Global Thinker 2016.

After scanning the entire article on the fake news site, we didn’t even get to read anything about Trump calling De Lima a**hole at all! Not only was the article fake, it also came with a misleading, unrelated title!

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