Busted: News about Duterte as the ‘world’s best president’ is a hoax from a satire site!


Is Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte indeed the best president in the world?

Facebook fan page “Dugong Maharlika” posted a link to an article with a headline, “Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte Announced as World’s Best President.”

The post was captioned, “The President of Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte has been announced as the best President in the world by the United Nations Economic & Social Council during their first annual review.”

Whoever ran the page was certainly rejoicing over the news as it wrote, “Mabuhay ka Pang. Duterte, Mahal na mahal ka namin..”Duterte Worlds Best President

According to the article, aside from being elected as the best leader in the world, Duterte is “tipped as the next UN Secretary General if he wishes to occupy the office.”

It also claimed that Duterte was chosen based on the “Political, Economic and Social Indexes of the country.”

The article even included a quote from Duterte, who supposedly said, “I am very honored with such a prestigious recognition. I believe this feat has been achieved through hard work and transparency. I thank the good people of the Philippine for creating the enabling environment for me to perform my duties creditably as the President of our dear country.”

Based on the comments, some Duterte supporters celebrated what they believed to be Duterte’s achievement.Comments on Duterte Worlds Best President

But a commenter on the post raised the fact that the article is not true since the website that published it contains mostly parody news.Comments on Duterte Worlds Best President

True enough, the article was published by ON DA MIC, a “news and political satire web publication.”

The site’s disclaimer said that some of its articles are “taken from or inspired by real news events but the stories are almost entirely works of complete fiction.” It added that the site is entirely for entertainment purposes only.

And for Duterte’s supporters who fell for the article’s claims, they should take note of this part of the site’s disclaimer: “Therefore, all news articles contained within ON DA MIC are works of fiction and constitute fake news.”

Site Disclaimer on Duterte Worlds Best President

And as a reminder to its readers who believe in its articles, ON DA MIC said that they should seek immediate treatment.

“Should a reader, or readers, upon sober reflection, think or believe that anything contained in any post in this web site is true, they are mistaken and should relieve and abandon themselves of that idiotic notion immediately. Anyone who concludes otherwise ought to stay away from this site forever and may want to consider instead seeking immediate help, attention or treatment,” said the site’s disclaimer.

Site Disclaimer on Duterte Worlds Best President

Source: (ondamic.com)

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