Busted: VP Leni’s photo cheering on Gilas Pilipinas was maliciously edited by FB user

Facebook user Jhunzque Vanzgate wanted to show off his photo editing skills by maliciously changing what was written on a piece of paper that Vice President Leni Robredo was holding, turning it into “gaga po ba ako.”

VP Leni Cheering Gilas

And this was not the first time netizens have tried to express their opinions this childish way, as what we have all witnessed during the elections and even up to this day. He did not even hesitate to do this despite the photo bearing the logo of the Vice President of the Philippines.

While some of the commenters were also one in mocking Robredo, there were also those who said that everyone should give her a chance, especially since she won as vice president and she does seem to be in good terms with President Rodrigo Duterte already.


What was originally written on the paper held by a smiling Robredo was this, based on her official Facebook page.

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