Busted: Trump did not describe FVR as ‘the first person to be killed’! FAKE story alert!

US President-elect Donald Trump has now become one of the latest victims of fake articles that have been circulating on Facebook. Lately, articles about Trump wishing that former Philippine President Fidel Ramos should have been the “first person to be killed.” They were shared by Duterte fan pages and re-shared by a Marcos supporter to a Marcos fan page and published by blogs and, among others.

 Trump FVR First to be Killed
 Trump FVR First to be Killed
[/50_50_second] Trump FVR First to be Killed

According to the articles, Trump “shocked” everyone when he called Ramos as an “old chimpanzee” with no brains and “should be killed like any other drug protector” in the Philippines.

The articles also quoted him saying, “I hear Philippines President is cleaning up his country, i want to plead with him to send Fidel Ramos to jail or even kill him, the old chimpanzee is an embarrassment to the people of Philippines and i wonder how he was elected as their president.”


Trump supposedly suggested to have Ramos “crucified” along with Senator ‘Laile’ De Lima.

Here’s another statement that Trump supposedly said: “If i were Duterte, i could have crucified Ramos and his ugly girlfriend Laile De Lima.”

We checked the little link the articles specified as their source and found that they copied the article published by the fake news site word for word. The fact that they cited thet1mes as their source despite it being known for producing fake stories is enough reason alone to doubt all the statements that Trump allegedly said about Ramos and De Lima.

Still, we checked if Trump did make remarks against Trump and De Lima, but he didn’t make any of those statements quoted in the articles.


Everything cited in the articles we mentioned were all lies! Again, thet1mes is a fake news site. Before reacting to the articles that you read online, take a few minutes to check and verify the sources, much more so if you are thinking of sharing them. If we’re not careful, we might only contribute to the noise created online be fake, misleading articles.

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!


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