Busted: Trillanes kumpirmadong nagtutulak ng shabu kaya may sayad? Misleading title!

The title “Shocking! Kumpirmado Trillanes, Nagtutulak ng Shabu Kaya May Sayad ang Ulo” is truly shocking if you were to take the claim seriously.  It does seem like a few Duterte and Marcos fan pages on Facebook believed the title as they have been sharing this article since yesterday. Their followers surely bought it too, seeing as how the article has been shared hundreds of times already.
Fan pages such as “Duterte Warriors,” “Pres. Rody Duterte Worldwide Supporters,” and “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan,” among others, have shared the story published by websites like and

Trillanes kumpirmadong nagtutulak ng shabu[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Trillanes kumpirmadong nagtutulak ng shabu[/50_50_second]

Trillanes kumpirmadong nagtutulak ng shabu

But the YouTube video that was actually embedded in the story, without any written text, is actually a mix of various reports about the following things:

  • #PalitBise Rally on April 2 and Senator Antonio Trillanes concluding that DuterteMania is over, based on the sparse attendance in the event;
  • How Environment Secretary should apologize to Business World reporter Janina Lim, whom the former dismissed as “just a f*cking employee;”
  • Senators Grace Poe and Panfilo Lacson’s take on the EJK figures;
  • The possibility of President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Pag-asa Island and raising the Philippine flag there;
  • The killing of Kris Delos Reyes;
  • Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno explaining why it is “illegal” to give immigration workers overtime pay that is more than 50% of their salary;
  • Duterte’s “occupy” order and China’s reaction to it;
  • OFW representative’s proposal to investigate a recruitment agency’s possible links to ISIS

These are all there is to the video, without any relevance to its title’s claims about Trillanes being a “confirmed” drug pusher who has gone crazy.

Trillanes kumpirmadong nagtutulak ng shabu

It is a misleading title meant to draw people in for what they might have thought as a real shocking expose, only to be disappointed after going through over 18 minutes of YouTube video.

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