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Busted: Robredo in tears after ASEAN Summit snub? It’s not true at all!



President Rodrigo Duterte did not invite Vice President Leni Robredo to the ASEAN Summit Gala Dinner on November 12, which led some blogs to claim that she cried over being snubbed.

While the story was also carried by other blogs such as, which only started posting on November 9, 2017, and by, which also seemed to be quote new, we found out that it was also published by on November 12. If you’ve been following our page for a while now, you’d know that Okd2 and its stories cannot be trusted since the website has passed off many of their stories as “satire.”


True enough, this new story about Robredo crying over being snubbed from the ASEAN Summit Gala Dinner was published under “Humor & Satire.”

Okd2 made up a story about how Robredo fell sick after crying on November 11 over not being invited to the event. With teary eyes, she allegedly refused reporters on November 10 and went home.

Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo

We could not find reports about Robredo’s alleged adverse reaction over being snubbed by Duterte and given its satirical nature, this is likely another made-up story from Okd2.

But the satire category that Okd2 bestowed upon the story did not stop some Facebook pages and individual users from sharing it online. Aside from Okd2’s page, other pages also shared the story, including “BBM The Nation Builder for Vice President 2016,” “Budoy News,” “Duterte’s Warriors Upgrade.” Some netizens posted it on Facebook groups such as “Marcos Loyalist” and “TEAM DUTERTE FOR FEDERALISM,” among others.

Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo Vice-President-Leni-Robredo


Okd2 has published a lot of false stories about Robredo before. It claimed that she filed a case against a Lugaw Queen franchise, that former President Erap Estrada gave her a 2/10 rating for her first 100 days, that the late Senator Miriam Santiago’s last words to Duterte were about not trusting Robredo, and more fake stories.

Moreover, this is not the first event that Robredo was not invited to by the Duterte administration. She was invited on December 28, 2016 then disinvited to Duterte’s Vin d’honneur on January 4, 2017 due to a “limited guest list.” She also turned down the invitation from the Department of Tourism to the Miss Universe coronation on January 30 because she was only informed of the invitation on January 27. Malacañang also failed to invite her to the second Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (Ledac) meeting on August 29.

We tried to get a sense of what Robredo did on the days cited in Okd2’s story. On November 10, her official Facebook page “VP Leni Robredo” posted about her visit to Bangkok, Thailand, where she received a “warm welcome” from the Philippine Embassy and members of the Filipino community. She also said that she took the chance to present her Angat Buhay and Istorya ng Pag-asa programs.

On November 12, her official Facebook page posted the video of Episode 27 of her DZXL radio program “BISErbisyong LENI.”

While Robredo was not present during the ASEAN Summit Gala Dinner, her office confirmed her attendance at the opening ceremony of the ASEAN summit at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on November 13. She will also serve as the keynote speaker at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit at Solaire Resort in Pasay City on November 14.

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Busted: Aquino nagalit dahil papalitan ang NAIA ng ‘Manila International Airport’? Misleading headline alert!



A headline claimed that former President Benigno Aquino III got angry over the move to rename the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) into Manila International Airport.

The story bearing such headline was carried by and was shared by the Facebook page “Duterte Worldwide Supporters.” As of writing, the post has gotten over 1,000 shares.

Some netizens who commented on the post slammed Aquino over his alleged angry reaction to replacing the airport’s name.

However, the headline is misleading. If you click on the link, you will find a 3-minute YouTube video about a PTV News report on how lawyer Larry Gadon filed a petition before Congress to have NAIA’s name replaced.

This report was also picked up by GMA News, which tweeted about it in January 18, 2017.

It was also reported by the Philippine News Agency and published by the Philippine Canadian Inquirer on January 18, 2017.


“May petisyon kami na ginagawa, marami nang nakapirma. May mga nakausap na rin kaming congressmen na tutulong to change the name of NAIA back to MIA,” Gadon said of the petition.

He added that renaming NAIA back to its original name would help “shake off the jinx” that now comes with its reputation for being named the worst airport in the world and for being home to laglag-bala schemes.

The airport was renamed as NAIA in 1987 during the administration of the late President Corazon Aquino, whose husband, Ninoy, was shot to death at the tarmac when he descended from his plane upon arrival from the US.

Unlike what the headline claimed, no video, audio or article showed that the other Aquino president and Ninoy’s son reacted angrily to having his dad’s name stripped off the airport’s name. The headline is completely irrelevant to the article’s content, which meant that it was made just to get a rise out of the misled netizens.

Source: ( )


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Busted: Unpaid EDSA protesters mobbed LP headquarters in QC? Fake news alert!



After the opposition staged a rally on February 25 for the celebration of the EDSA People Power Revolution, over 400 unpaid protesters allegedly mobbed the headquarters of the Liberal Party to demand payment for their participation in the protest, according to a certain blogspot.

This was how framed the story and even cited a certain Police Senior Inspector Napoleon Caguitla who noticed the crowd in front of the LP office at the Balay Expo Centro Building, EDSA corner McArthur Avenue, Araneta Center.

Caguitla was quoted saying, “Pinuntahan natin kung tungkol saan ang komusyon dahil wala namang naireport sa atin na may gagawing rally rito, at yun nga, napag-alaman natin na ang iilan pala sa mga kababayan natin dito ay nagtitipon para hingin diumano ang bayad sa kanilang pagrally noong sabado.”

A rally organizer allegedly said that a high-ranking LP member promised to pay them P1,000 but instead, paid only P150 and a burger.

Another protester said he and his family members are entitled to receiving P5,000 because they still came from Tarlac. He was quoted saying, “Nakitulog lang po kami sa terminal ng bus. Hindi kami makaalis dahil ni pamasahe wala kami. Wala nang umasikaso sa amin pagkatapos ng rally. Sana man lang bigyan nila kami kahit pamasahe at pambili ng bigas.”

However, (The Philippine Pride) is the same fake news site that carried made-up stories about actor Mark Anthony Fernandez getting two lady cops pregnant while he was in prison, the late Playboy founder donating $5 million to Duterte’s war on drugs, bishops telling President Duterte to leave the New People’s Army alone, the CHR calling the military’s surprise attack against the NPA a human rights violation, Robredo’s P6 million vacation house in Albay getting destroyed during Mayon Volcano’s eruption, and more.


In fact, is included in MemeBuster’s list of fake news sites to avoid this 2018.

A crowd of 400 people would have surely gotten other people’s attention, including that of cop Caguitla in the story. However, we could not find the cop’s quoted statement in other sources aside from that found on

Even the photo used was one taken from the NBC News article, ‘Obama Not Welcome’: Filipinos Protest Presidential Visit,” that was published on April 23, 2014.

There were also other fake stories before on how the LP paid protesters from Visayas and Mindanao for the September 21 rally, with one even claiming that the opposition rented Superferry ships to bring the protesters to Manila.

Despite the dubious nature of the story and its source, some Facebook pages and individual users still shared, further causing the misinformation to spread.

The Duterte-supportive page “Showbiz Government” shared it and its post got over 5,000 shares.

A Facebook user’s post also got almost 1,500 shares.

The misinformation worked, based on these comments.

But you can do something to stop spreading misinformation. If you see another story from the, you might want to think twice before taking it seriously and sharing it online. It would also help if you arm yourself with the easy tips on how to spot fake news.


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Busted: Agot Isidro did not say ‘habang tumatagal sa pwesto si Duterte, pabulok nang pabulok ang MRT’



Actress Agot Isidro found herself yet again as the subject of a fake story claiming that she slammed the MRT woes for getting worse and worse as President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency moves forward.

But the vocal Duterte critic told the fake news makers to “stop putting words in my mouth.”

The article bearing the title “Habang Tumatagal sa Pwesto si Duterte, Pabulok Nang Pabulok Ang MRT – Agot Isidro” was posted by the website on February 26, 2018.


Isidro was said to have blasted Duterte for failing to solve the MRT problem within the promised six-month deadline, according to the article. She was quoted saying: “Yong six monthns nga na pangako niya sa drugs hindi nya nagawa e, eto pa kayang MRT na wala syang sinabi. Alam naman natin puro bunganga lang itong ating kasalukuyang gobyerno. Puro dada, puro kabastusan at insulto ang lumalabas sa mabahong bunganga pero wala namang nagawa (sic).”

She was also alleged to have joked, “habang tumatagal sa pwesto itong si Duterte, sa palala itong MRT. O di ba rhyme, parang childrens’ poen lang (sic).”

In her tweet on February 28, Isidro simply said, “I did not say this. #FakeNews.”

The fake post, though, has already been shared online, with it gaining 1,700 comments and 88 shares when shared to Facebook group “Marcos Loyalist and the page “Du30 Solid Supporters.”

This is not the first fake news about Isidro since she called Duterte a “psychopath.”

There were fake stories about her dating drug lords, the police finding P680 million in her house during a raid, and her being forced to check out of her Boracay hotel.


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