Busted: Reddit user debunks Mocha’s post about Robredo’s magazine covers

On November 27, Diehard Duterte Supporter/entertainer/blogger Mocha Uson once again hit Vice President Leni Robredo for figuring on magazine covers.

She posted a collage of Robredo’s six magazine covers, telling her: “Mam tama naman na ang pangangampanya sa 2022 trabaho na po sana tayo.”

Mocha Bashing VP Lenis Mag Cover

The collage even bears these words: “Laylayan = Photo Studio.”

Reddit user starscar12 said that there is something wrong with Mocha’s post.

“Mocha, judging her words, depicts Robredo as a slacker who prefers being at magazine covers instead of working (which in reality, Robredo does her job as a vice president, but not as vocal as the president). There are six magazine covers in the image, so I searched the covers and look what I found: the last two covers are from this year, the rest are from previous years, way before she became the vice president of this country,” the Reddit user wrote.


The Reddit user determined what year the magazine covers were released.

  1. Working Mom – December 2012/January 2013

This is based on an ABS-CBN article, “Leni Robredo grants Christmas pictorial for mag,” posted last October 23, 2012.

The article said Robredo granted the request from Working Mom to extend her family’s gratitude towards the people who honored and appreciated her late husband, DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. However, she had one condition before doing the photoshoot – that she be allowed to wear black because she promised herself she would wear black until her husband’s first death anniversary.

  1. Town & Country – August 2013

The Reddit user found a GMA News Online article, “Town & Country’s August cover: Leni Robredo on keeping Jesse’s legacy alive,” published last August 1, 2013.

The magazine talked to Robredo as she tried to balance her work and motherhood a year after her husband passed away.

The GMA News article said that Robredo was featured on Town & Country’s August issue of “101 People You Must Meet Right Now.”

The magazine’s editor-in-chief Yvette Fernandez said this about the list: “It is a list of interesting personalities who’ve been in the news or are being buzzed about for doing good work or excelling in what they do, people we’d love to have a drink with or share a meal with if given the chance.”


  1. Good Housekeeping – November 2015

Proof? The Reddit user provided links to an online site where that specific Good Housekeeping issue can be bought, as well as Robredo’s own tweet about the said mag cover.

Mocha about Robredos Magazine Covers

  1. Stargate People Asia – October-November 2012

The Reddit user provided a link to People Asia’s interview with Robredo for that cover, “Leni Robredo on Remembering Jesse,” along with a clearer photo of that October 2012 magazine cover.

Mocha about Robredos Magazine Covers

  1. Stargate People Asia – October-November 2016

The magazine cover came with an interview with Robredo in a People Asia article entitled “From grieving widow to leading lady: Vice President Leni Robredo.”

It also featured two of Robredo’s magazine covers for the magazine, the past and the October 2016 one.

Mocha about Robredos Magazine Covers

  1. Esquire Philippines – December 2016/January 2017

The Reddit user provided a link to the Esquire article “Her Excellency,” although only an excerpt of the magazine’s interview can be read on the link.

Esquire even had this short intro: “Perhaps for the first time in living memory, we have a Vice President who is more than a ceremonial figure. We should be paying attention to Leni Robredo.”

Reddit user further said, “So, there you go, I’ll call out Mocha for not researching (again) and feeding her biases.”

But there is also a disclaimer to that post.

“NOTE: I am not part of the “yellow cult,” biased, an elitist or a shill. Am just pointing out the mistake of Mocha Uson.”

Mocha about Robredos Magazine Covers

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