Busted: Policeman in viral photo was washing his hands, not peeing

A policeman was initially accused of violating the law by allegedly peeing behind a street structure, but the photographer who took the picture later attested to the fact that the cop was merely washing his hands.
Facebook user Jojie Claudio posted this photo of a cop with his back pictured and his legs spread apart and something liquid on the ground between his legs. He captioned the photo, “always above the law.”


The netizens readily assumed that he was peeing, with some bringing up the fact that the ASEAN summit organizers forgot to prepare portalets for the Philippine National Police (PNP) who would be securing the event.


Even DSWD Assistant Secretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy piped in, criticizing the cop.


However, one of the commenters on Claudio’s post noted that this was an old photo that was taken years ago.


Other pages also picked up the photo to criticize the policeman, such as “FACTS Against Ignorance,” “Rodrigo Duterte Supporters,”


But the photographer who took the photo, Luis Liwanag, took to Facebook to explain that the cop was washing his hands. He also pointed to a certain “Otto Jorel” who ‘stole’ his photo and posted it in a Cebu forum.
“To the people who reposted this photo of mine without permission and did not copy the original explanation…it was lunchtime and the cop was just washing his hands and did not want his shoes to get wet, hence the parted legs,” Liwanag wrote.

“The real culprit was a certain “Otto Jorel” who stole the picture, posted it as his own, and boasted about it in a cebu forum. He is nowhere to be found at the moment,” he added.

Liwanag further said in the comments section that the circumstances behind the photo were already “explained a long time ago,” if not for the person who stole his photo.


In an ABS-CBN report, Liwanag said that he took the photo when he saw the cop in Baclaran in December 2016 because of the unusual composition.

In a separate report from the same news site, he said that the photo he took can be considered as a part of “street photography,” adding that he didn’t want to embarrass the cop involved or make up fake stories about the picture.

“Ang ganitong kuha ay kasama sa genre ng ‘street photography’ kung saan ang retrato ay kino-compose ng may ambiguous o humorous na hitsura,” he said.

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