Pacquiao denies Arum’s announcement about him taking a Senate leave for boxing

News about Senator Manny Pacquiao returning to boxing and planning a Senate leave to prepare for his next fight, as announced by his promoter and Top Rank Promotions CEO Bob Arum, made waves online yesterday, July 12.

PacMan Leave on Senate

“He is going to fight. I don’t know what the date is. He is working with the President of the Philippines senate for an appropriate date where he can leave the Philippines for two or three weeks to prepare for the fight,” Arum told

Arum added, “In any event he is going to have to do most of his preparation in the Philippines – you know after he sits in the senate – so it is going to be an interesting thing but definitely he is looking to come back and the question is how we can arrange it.”


But the senator and boxing champion announced his retirement after his winning fight with Timothy Bradley in April earlier this year. During his campaign, he said he wanted to concentrate on his duties if elected as Senator.

Pacquiao won and even ruled out a stint at the Rio Olympics 2016, vowing to become a full-time lawmaker and to render perfect attendance in the Senate. During his two terms as a congressman, he was criticized for his absenteeism to attend to his boxing sessions and other commitments outside of the House of Representatives.

Based on the reactions to Arum’s announcement, people are not happy with Pacquiao and are asking him to be true to his promise of attending every Senate session.

Comments on PacMan's Plan of Filing Senate Leave

One commenter even called out those who defended Pacquiao by saying that he has helped many people anyway.

Comments on PacMan's Plan of Filing Senate Leave

But there are also those who defended him and pointed out the fact that word about plans for a Senate leave came from Arum, not Pacquiao himself.

Comments on PacMan's Plan of Filing Senate Leave

And those who came to Pacquiao’s defense and chose to wait for word from the senator himself, he released a press statement on July 13 regarding the issue.

“There is no truth to media reports that I’m planning to take a leave from my Senate duties just to fight again atop the ring.

I want to make it clear – my priority is my legislative works.

My next fight has not yet been discussed. Should there be any, I’ll make sure it will not interfere with my Senate duties.

When I ran for senator last May 9 elections, I made a promise to be present in all sessions.

I owe it to the people.

If ever I decide to fight again, rest assured, it will happen when Congress is on recess so there’s no need for me to go on leave.

The entire training will be done in the Philippines to ensure I can attend sessions even while on training camp.

Boxing is my only means of livelihood to support my family and to help those who are in need.

Politics, to me, is a vocation not a means to eke out a living.

I want to maintain that belief. I want to keep my dignity intact while in public service.

May God continue to guide and bless all our endeavors.”

As what some of the commenters have said, announcements about any plans of Pacquiao taking a Senate leave would be more believable if they come from the senator/boxer himself, not from his boxing promoter.


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