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Busted: Noli De Castro Did NOT “Endorse” Duterte on TV

A lot of election campaign ads, stories and news scoops are circulating online these days and more are expected to appear as the May elections approach. To vote wisely, it’s smart to always validate claims before you allow them to influence your final decision.


Like the supposed endorsement of presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte (former Davao City mayor) by popular TV news anchor, Noli De Castro. This is a LIE.


How It Started

Just recently, some Duterte supporters floated the endorsement idea basing it on a news item released by ABS CBN where Noli De Castro allegedly endorsed Duterte for president. The news item, which was released online, is a footage showing Noli De Castro and Ted Failon with a lady newscaster discussing an editorial on the purported revival of the “Laglag Bala” scheme at the Ninoy International Airport or NAIA.

So what exactly Noli De Castro said? Click on to reveal the truth.


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