Busted: News about Duterte death squad killing an innocent family is fake!

A photo claiming to be an ABS-CBN report on the news program “TV Patrol” about a ‘Duterte death squad’ killing an innocent family in Pasay surfaced online. However, netizens spotted several inconsistencies in the photo that showed how it was simply edited to make it seem like it was really reported on TV.

Duterte Death Squad

Fake Duterte Death Squad Killing

As pointed out in the photo above, the ABS-CBN logo, the fonts and design used, and the TV Patrol logo were all wrong.

This was taken by news site Mindanation as a propaganda war against Duterte’s campaign on illegal drugs, which have been linked to the reported killings of suspected drug pushers and drug users.


The photo on the fake news could have come from this set of photos that were also uploaded in Facebook. They were captioned, “Ambush drug lord in Seaside Macapagal Dampa Boulevard Pasay City Manila 9:30PM 7/12/2016.” The text and photos were also credited to a certain Johaimen Sarip Mauna.Ambushed Drug Lord

But the admin of the Facebook page Newsgraph was called out by those who commented on the post, saying why people believe in what was being shared on Facebook without getting a reliable reference.Comments on Ambushed Drug Lord

Others were also offering a different theory to the story behind the photos, speculating that this might not necessarily be a part of the drug campaign but a war between people in the drug trade.Comments on Ambushed Drug Lord

There were also Facebook posts circulating online purporting that the bloody victim pictured was a child who became collateral damage in the ambush of a drug lord.

Some Facebook users lamented on why a child should be involved in this bloody fight.Comments on Ambushed Drug Lord

A Facebook user even commented a reminder to the drug lords, saying that they should stop their involvement with drugs if they don’t want to risk the lives of their family, especially their kids.Comments on Ambushed Drug Lord

However, news reports from major news sites related to the incident where the photo of the victim assumed to be a child showed that the victim is actually the house helper.

Based on reports, the victim in the photo used in the fake news was Adelfa Dava, sustained gunshot wounds in her chest, head, and arm after the car she was in was shot at. She later died in the hospital. The incident also killed the driver, who was identified to be a former member of the Philippine Marines and bodyguard Marc Neil Alisasis, died on the spot. The two Chinese nationals who were with them escaped the incident with minor injuries. TV5 wrote that the ambush happened along Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City at around 10pm on Tuesday.


The initial police investigation said that the Chinese passengers may have been the target of the shooting and that it could be linked to the big businesses of the Chinese family. The investigation is still being conducted to identify the shooters.

So the Facebook posts concluding that the ambush involved a drug lord and that the victim was a child, leading to the creation of a fake news that even mentioned a ‘Duterte death squad, were all based on  conclusions without knowing the real story behind the incident. Many of the articles on Meme Buster also came out of jumping to the wrong conclusions and this story has become one of those articles.


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