Netizen dares Duterte to a one-on-one debate: ‘I promise not to make you look tanga’

Facebook user Bernard Ong challenged President Rodrigo Duterte to a one-on-one debate after UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard rejected Duterte’s latest debate challenge.

“Tayo na lang Duts, 1on1,” Ong wrote on Facebook.
He noted how Callamard declined Duterte’s dare to a debate with him.

“An official visit without respect for the victims, respect for the law, respect for due process would be unacceptable. An official visit is not a vehicle for entertainment, theatrics or politicking,” she tweeted.

Ong even said that Duterte could have back-ups during the debate, naming Communications Asec. Mocha Uson, Communications Sec. Martin Andanar, Justice Sec. Aguirre, and PNP chief Dir. Gen. Ronald dela Rosa. He can even take his 16 million voters to the debate, Ong added.

Ong also noted how Duterte said that he could make Callamard “look like a fool” after just five questions.
“Pumunta ka dito. Ayaw naman makipag-debate. Kasi kung makipag-debate ‘yan, in five questions, gawain kong t**** ‘yang buang na ‘yan,” Duterte said.

“Sabihin pa, ‘O, last na itong kay Kian ha? ‘Pag meron pa…’ P***. Who are you to say that? Kaya b***** s*** ko,” he added.

Duterte was referring to Callamard’s earlier tweet to condole with Kian delos Santos’ family and to wish that he would be the last in the “cruel” war against drugs.

As for the topics of the debate, Ong suggested that they should cover five topics – extrajudicial killing, South China Sea EEZ, drug problem, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and poverty.

He even offered Duterte a concession.

“I can argue either side. Feel free to pick the position of your choice. If your own conviction is hard to defend, go for hypocrisy. That’s what trapos do,” Ong said.

Ong also suggested these rules:

“1. You’re from Davao. I’m from Cotabato. Meet halfway in Kabacan.

  1. Anytime is a good time.
  2. Age before looks. You always go first.
  3. English, Tagalog, Bisaya are all fine.
  4. No incoherent monologues.
  5. Only complete sentences allowed – with subjects and predicates that agree with each other.
  6. We’re debating with each other. Don’t contradict yourself.
  7. Media coverage: all including your PCOO, PNA and fake news army.
  8. Attire: I’ll come in khaki shorts. This debate may be more dangerous than your trips to Marawi. Feel free to wear your Type B Cafgu uniform for photo-ops.”

And he promised Duterte one thing, with reference to the President’s earlier statement about Callamard’s rejection.

“I promise not to make you look ‘tanga’. You’re doing fine on your own,” Ong said.

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