Busted: Mocha Uson shares FB post using Honduras police photo while urging for prayers for PH army

On May 28, Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson shared a Facebook post by “CinEmotion Digital Films” showing what looked like the army praying.
“Let’s pray for our army. Panalangin din po natin ang mga pamilyang naiwan at nababahala sa kalagayan ng kanilang asawa at tatay,” Uson wrote.

Honduras police photo

In a Twitter post, ALT Team AFP addressed Uson to call her out for sharing a post using the photo of the Honduras police.

“@MochaUson Tell your followers AND yourself that we have enough photos of our soldiers praying. No need to use Honduras police’s. SHAME!” ALT Team AFP tweeted on May 29.

The Twitter account showed that the photo was actually of the Honduras police praying, not the Philippine Army, which was what the post was about.

The photo actually came from for its March 3, 2015 article.

Honduras police photo

The netizens reacted to ALT Team AFP’s revelation about Uson’s re-shared post.

One asks if she’s fighting herself after vowing to fight fake news.

Another netizen called out the attention of another Duterte supporter, Sass Rogando Sasot.

Even the Ambassador to the United Nations Teddy Boy Locsin weighed in.

Here are other reactions:

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