Busted: Jim Paredes denies calling Mindanaoans ‘taong bundok,’ says his mom hailed from Mindanao

Former APO singer Jim Paredes allegedly referred to the people in Mindanao as “taong bundok,” but he denied it, noting that these are all lies spread by fake news sites.
“I NEVER referred to Mindanaoans as Taong Bundok. My own mother is from Mindanao. Lies lies lies spread by trolls and losers on fake sites,” he tweeted on May 27.

This was his response to several articles circulating online started by

“Known “yellow personality,” former recording artist Jim Paredes just made himself even harder to like by Filipinos down south,” said Politiko in its Facebook post.

Jim Paredes  taong bundok
In its blog, Politiko Mindanao claimed that a Facebook comment made by Paredes had him labelling Mindanaoans as “mountain people.” The website even included a screenshot of the said comment from the singer, wherein he allegedly slammed how many Filipinos now forgot the sufferings of the martial law victims and how the Mindanaoans want martial law without caring about what might happen to Luzon.

Jim Paredes  taong bundok

“Mga kabataan nalang ba talaga ang hindi nakakalimot sa sinapit ng mga Pilipino sa panahon ng martial law? Nakakalungkot isipin dahil yung mga matanda na kung sino pa yung nakaranas sa hagip ng martial law sila paying nanahimik,” Paredes’ alleged comment read.

“Tapos yung mga taga Mindanao na taong bundok sila pa yung gusto na mag martial law dahil alam nila na hindi sila ang malalagay sa alangin kundi kami taga Luzon,” it added.

It’s not clear to what post Paredes allegedly made this comment on.

And just this morning, May 29, Paredes once again addressed Politiko, denying the story it carried about him.

“I categorically deny that I called Mindanaoans ‘Taong Bundok’. My Mother is from Mindanao. I have friends from there and I have been to Mindanao countless times. I have even performed in Marawi city. I have spent happy times all over the island,” Paredes wrote.

“The statement posted on a fake account are as untrue as saying the PHL constitution has more than 200 articles. It is a complete lie,” he added.

Facebook user Gel S. Relos noted how “trolls” created a fake Facebook page bearing Paredes’ name and photo.

Jim Paredes  taong bundok

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