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Busted: Jim Paredes apologized to fans for concert mishap? It’s another hoax!

Facebook page “Showbiz Government” slammed singer-activist Jim Paredes for his “half-baked apology” to the people affected by his tiff during the 31st EDSA celebration with Duterte Youth. The page also called the singer “a scum of the earth a**hole.”
“RM: what an idiot! you don’t realize what you’re doing all the time and you just try to make a half baked apology to the people you affected during your outburst! you’re nothing but a scum of the earth asshole! no one wants to watch your concert that’s why it was a flap! don’t you get the hint? you’re just like your low life yellow supporters who’s minds are so twisted and idiotic! go to hell and stay there!” the page wrote.

Tagging Paredes’ Facebook page, Showbiz Government also called him an “idiot.”

But the fact alone that the story came from the fake news site should have alerted Showbiz Government to the possibility that this is a hoax! This did not stop the pro-Duterte Facebook page from calling the singer-activist names, though, based on a fake story.

We still tried to read what fictional story has spun about Paredes as a follow up to their previous story about the singer’s alleged flop concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, which is also another fake news.

According to, Paredes “apologized for the unfortunate event” during the EDSA anniversary but insisted that his flopped concert has nothing to do with his issue with Duterte’s supporters.


The website even quoted Paredes’ alleged letter to the Union of the Philippine Journalist:

“Every one of us has been affected by the unfortunate event during the EDSA rally. It was a terrible mistake by both parties. I apologize for what happened. No one should be blamed and everyone should forgive each other and forget the past. We may all have bright future ahead of us.”

“To my fans, without you, I am nothing. Your trust is what makes me flourish as a singer and artist. I am hoping for another chance to perform in front of you in the very near future.”

However, the CCP concert that Paredes allegedly held in March 10, as per’s claim, is simply made up by whoever the website’s writer is.

Paredes has denied having a concert, called it “fake news” and the people behind the story is “desperate.”

“Fake news about me. hahahaha. I don’t know these people. Had no concert planned. Desperate ppl. Bulok an glider nyo if u have to do this!” he tweeted.

It pays to be cautious when it comes to dealing with stories from Don’t fall victim to fictional stories by investigating the source and the claims first. Google and other search engines are our friends when it comes to fighting fake news!

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!

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