In life and in death, Marcos is forever a thief, says Black and White Movement

Civic group Black and White Movement released a statement following the surprise burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at noon on Friday, calling him “forever a thief.”

“Ferdinand Marcos was buried as he lived: holding nothing sacred. Neither tradition nor decency, neither the law nor the institutions meant to uphold them mattered to Marcos, whether in life or in death,” the group said.


The group noted how the Marcoses acted in contempt of the Supreme Court justices by proceeding with the burial.

They also addressed how the Armed Forces of the Philippines were “forced to hold vigil” for Marcos, who they rejected for being a tyrant.

“The Armed Forces have been forced to hold vigil for a former commander-in-chief they rose to reject as a tyranny. Only a police general took charge where no military general had the gall to show their face; and even as the Palace pretended to be ignorant, the resources and timing of this act shows a partnership united in contempt for the people yet fearful of public opinion,” the group said.

“So, Marcos is now in the Libingan ng mga Bayani: where his remains will have to be permanently guarded against the people. As he lived, so he lies: protected with bayonets, the lord of deception, a permanent affront to a nation he tried to make into his personal kingdom,” the group added.

In conclusion, the Black and White Movement said: “In life and in death, Marcos is forever a thief.”

Here is a copy of the group’s statement tweeted by Manuel L. Quezon III, the grandson of the late President Manuel L. Quezon:



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