Facebook page shows We Are Collective’s fake WHOIS info, premium web hosting services

Vice President Leni Robredo and her late husband, former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, as well as their friends and political allies, have become subjects of an expose about their alleged deception in Naga by a group that calls themselves “We Are Collective.”

The group claimed that the Robredos have a lot of secrets opposite to their image of being upstanding politicians, adding that they actually tolerate drug lords and have woven a humble image of themselves while mingling with their constituents.

However, a Facebook page called “Iodized Salt” tried to uncover the people behind We Are Collective in a three-minute, 22-second video.

“Who are the people behind ‘The Collective,’ ‘#NagaLeaks’? Dapat ba silang paniwalaan?” the page asked.

In the video, Iodized Salt slammed how The Collective claimed to “defend the Motherland,” “protect the republic.”

It then showed a screenshot of the WHOIS info of the, with emphasis on how the site was created on January 12, 2017 and the registrant name being “Mitch dela Cruz.”

However, the address is likely a “fake” since what’s written as “Registrant Street” is “Dilawan Avenue,” an obvious reference to the Liberal Party. Iodized Salt then noted how giving a fake WHOIS information is prohibited since the WHOIS info is comparable to the title of a piece of land and something that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) does.

Can anyone use fake WHOIS information? According to, it would be best to avoid inputting fake info as it may lead to the website’s domain registration to be revoked. It would be a waste to have successfully built an online presence only for you to lose it if someone decides to file a complaint against your website with ICANN.

We Are Collectives fake WHOIS info
Then Iodized Salt pointed out how ironic it is that We Are Collective aims to point out lies when their WHOIS info in itself is fake, full of lies. On top of this, they also used the photos without asking the photographers’ permission.

And the name of a certain Andy Guerrero, whose Facebook user name is said to be juanandres.guerrero.562, also cropped up. Iodized Salt asked if this person is the sole admin or at least one of the admins of the We Are Collective Facebook page. However, we can no longer access “juanandress.guerrero.562” page on Facebook.

How did they found out about this person’s name? It was found in The Collective website’s page source.

We Are Collectives fake WHOIS info

Iodized Salt also pointed out how The Collective paid premium fees for its web hosting services, adding that the site would need to pay Wix in US dollars for every month of hosting.

We Are Collectives fake WHOIS info

Watch the full video here:

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