Duterte is innocent until proven guilty? Let’s apply it to ALL Filipinos – Pepe Diokno

When President Rodrigo Duterte gets criticized for the extrajudicial killings happening in the Philippines amid the government’s effort to stop drugs and crime, his supporters would come to his rescue, saying he is innocent of all the blame placed on him. But what’s ironic is that this line of thinking only seemed to apply to a chosen few, like the President. At least that is what some of the netizens have surmised.


One of those who noticed the inconsistencies in the belief on who remained to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise is movie director/producer/screenwriter Pepe Diokno.

In his tweet, he called for the fair application that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, not only Duterte.

“Duterte is innocent until proven guilty. O ayan, due process. Now let’s apply that to ALL Filipinos, ok?” Diokno said in his tweet.


One of those who commented on the tweet clarified the tweet, saying that while blaming all the killings on Duterte is wrong, it is also wrong for many of Duterte’s supporters to approve of the extrajudicial killings. Doing so is easily passing judgment on the suspected drug personalities without giving them due process.

Duterte innocent until proven guilty

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